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Get the Vitals on the Emerging Medical Electronics Market and Save Money

Life expectancies continue to increase, with the median growing six years from 68 to 74 in just over a decade, according to a report just released by the World Health Organization.  Improvements in healthcare have improved the quality of life for people around the world, but more improvements can be made with new medical electronic devices like wearables.  

A Record High 104 Billion Analog Chips Shipped in 2013, Says Semico Research

As electronic systems evolved to mobile devices, the importance of analog has grown.  Interfacing with the real world via cameras, touch, gesture controls, audio and video applications all require analog functionality.  Power management ICs are critical to the success of these devices.  

Internet of Things: Could the Gateway be the Light Above Your Head?

The Internet of Things is coming. Your toaster may not ever "talk" to your toothbrush, but certainly systems in both homes and commercial spaces will get smarter in the near future.

But how is this going to work? As devices such as thermostats need to be replaced, they can be upgraded to smart versions that will communicate with a central hub, enabling energy savings as they are used more efficiently. However, this could take a long time.

Tony Massimini to Speak on Internet of Things at SEMI AZ Breakfast Forum April 17

Everyone's talking about the Internet of Things.  The concept alone inspires the imagination and promises to be the next "killer app."  But how are we going to get there?  What improvements in processor architecture, interface, and memory density do we need to make to enable the tiny and low-power devices that will connect everyday things?

Semico IMPACT: Todd Gurela of Cisco to Keynote

Semico is proud to announce Todd Gurela, Senior Director of Cisco's IoT division, will deliver a keynote address on April 23rd, 2014 at the

Design Start Activity CAGR to increase 4.8% from 2013-2018, Says Semico Research

Today, silicon designs show rapidly increasing levels of complexity in response to end user demands for more connectivity and the ability to use that connectivity in applications like downloading video, video conferencing, device hot spots, increasing camera resolution for richer photos and better screen resolution to enhance user experience.   

AR-Ready Mobile Revenue will Reach Over $630B by 2017, says Semico Research

The last few years have shown some amazing strides in augmented reality (AR), MEMS, mobile, Sensor Fusion, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  But what is hype and what is real value?