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Press Releases

The Semico Action Alert: MEMS Oscillators

Phoenix, Arizona June 12, 2012 - MEMS oscillators are poised for steep growth in the next few years. MEMS represented only 1.4% of all oscillator and clock generator circuits in 2011, but by the end of 2012, Semico expects to see at least a dozen vendors. Where is the opportunity for you to invest in this market?

MEMS Energy Harvesting: A Future Technology

Phoenix, Arizona June 10, 2012 - Energy harvesting holds great interest for many applications which involve powering of remote devices, portable products or applications that are difficult to power or replace the battery. The energy harvester is either the primary power source or it is used for extending battery life. The non-MEMS solutions have been used for many years in such things as military applications, industrial applications and in remote monitoring for oil and gas industry.

Batteries: The Mobile Market vs Electric Vehicles

Phoenix, Arizona May 23, 2012 - Ever since the first portable multimedia player hit the scene, the market for portable batteries has exploded, moving from a market limited to watches or remote controls and toys to some of the largest consumer segments currently driving the overall semiconductor forecast.

Let's Move the IP Ecosystem Forward

Phoenix, Arizona May 11, 2012 - Now that the semiconductor industry in on an upswing, companies are scrambling to find ways to take advantage of this market window in order to gain design wins. There's a multitude of third party IP solutions promising quicker time to market, easy integration, lower cost, and reduced effort. Can you believe what they're saying? Is it right for you?

Open-Silicon and Intersil Added to Semico's IP Conference Lineup!

Phoenix, Arizona May 9, 2012 - Semico is proud to announce the addition of two new speakers to our stellar lineup for the Semico IMPACT 2012: Focus on the IP Subsystem conference. Dr. Naveed Sherwani, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Open-Silicon, and Tony Stelliga, Director of Signal Integrity Products for Intersil, will participate on the "Who Wins in the IP Ecosystem?" panel. Mahesh Tirupattur of Analog Bits will moderate the panel, and Suk Lee of TSMC and Jean-Marie Brunet of Mentor Graphics will also be on the panel.

IP Made Easy: Semico IP Conference and Networking Reception

Phoenix, Arizona May 7, 2012 - Semico Research has added a reception to the agenda for the IMPACT Conference: Focus on the IP Subsystem. Thanks to reception sponsors Sonics and MIPS, conference attendees will have a chance to network and unwind after the main event. Come relax with light hors d'oeuvres and complimentary beer and wine. A drawing will be held during the reception for a free Kindle Fire.

We Break Down Wafer Demand So You Don't Have To

Phoenix, Arizona April 25, 2012 - Wafer demand grows at a compound annual growth rate of about 8-9%, but you could be making a big mistake if you think capital investment in fab capacity will be successful by sticking with an 8-10% investment rate every year.

MEMS Displays to grow 62% by 2016

Phoenix, Arizona April 19, 2012 - The market for optical based MEMS is poised for exponential growth. In addition to MEMS devices for projection, MEMS for direct view displays have emerged. The total market was under $1 billion in 2011, but by 2016 it will reach $10.4 billion.

Mike Noonen and Steve Roddy to Speak at Semico IP Conference

Phoenix, Arizona April 11, 2012 - Semico is proud to announce the addition of Mike Noonen and Steve Roddy to its speaker lineup for the IP Ecosystem conference to be held May 16, 2012. They will participate on the panel titled, Will IP Subsystems Help Reduce Complexity...At What Cost? Other companies represented include ARM, Cadence Sonics, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Atrenta, Memoir Systems, Analog Bits, Tabula, and TSMC.