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Batteries: The Mobile Market vs Electric Vehicles

Phoenix, Arizona May 23, 2012 - Ever since the first portable multimedia player hit the scene, the market for portable batteries has exploded, moving from a market limited to watches or remote controls and toys to some of the largest consumer segments currently driving the overall semiconductor forecast.

It might be odd to consider that the same technology powering a cell phone is now powering our vehicles, yet vehicles are looking to Li-Ion batteries to accomplish for automobiles what they did for the mobile entertainment industry. That is, they make the products smaller, sleeker, and capable of long periods of use. As new chemistries are intermixed with lithium, suppliers expect to see batteries double in performance with every new generation.

New materials promise to increase the energy density per gram of Li-Ion material. It is increasingly important that the industry continues to invest in research and development as our appetite for vehicles and electronics that run on Li-Ion batteries continues to explode. Much of the current R&D is focused on reducing the amount of Li-Ion material per device while increasing the energy capacity to run that device.

Semico's newest report looks at this current state of the industry and answers three important questions:

1. How large is the mobile battery industry?
2. What new technology can we look forward to?
3. In five years, how will the mobile battery market compare with the electric vehicle battery market?

There are almost 30 figures illustrating these market dynamics along with the following tables:

1. Box Market Shares of Total Mobile Device Market
2. End-Use Box Unit Shipments WW in Millions
3. Box Market Shares of Total Mobile Device Market
4. Li-Ion Percentages within Mobile Devices
5. Li-Ion Back-up Battery Percentages
6. Li-Ion Market by End-Use Segment WW in Millions
7. Lithium Market by Grams
8. Electric Vehicle Forecast 2009 - 2020
9. Electric Vehicle Lithium Cell Forecast 2009-2020
10. Electric Vehicle Lithium Content Forecast 2009-2020
11. Power Management Suppliers and Design Houses

Semico's report, Batteries: The Mobile Market vs. Electric Vehicles is a concise analysis into the trends driving the battery business. For more information contact: Jim Feldhan at 602-997-0337 or

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