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April 2008

The Market for a New Class of Devices - Field Programmable Computing Arrays

Phoenix, Arizona April 21, 2008 - The programmable logic market has evolved in performance and capability as the industry strives to deliver innovative products geared towards existing and emerging applications. This evolution has given rise to a class of devices that Semico believes is different from traditional programmable logic solutions, warranting a new classification. These devices are coined as Field Programmable Computing Arrays (FPCAs), and offer the combination of programmability, reconfigurability, cost, performance and power that many system designers are seeking.

Tessera Announces A Smaller, Lower Cost, More Reliable Wafer-Level Digital Camera Module Packaging Technology

On Tuesday, March 18 at Image Sensors Europe Tessera Technologies Inc. announced the availability for licensing of its SHELLCASE® MVP wafer-level packaging technology for digital camera modules.  This solution promises to significantly reduce the cost of camera, modules for cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, Portable Media Payers, laptop PCs and countless other devices, including the numerous sensors used in automobiles.  In addition, it will improve yields and increase reliability. 

The SHELLCASE technology encapsulates an image sensor in a polymeric glass-silicon structure while the image sensor is still on the wafer.  This can be accomplished using established manufacturing technology.  The entire structure can then be singulated to provide an extremely thin complete camera module with an X/Y dimension identical to the original silicon chip.  It can then be stacked in a 3D structure with DSPs or memory chips as desired.


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