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DDR3 Crossover, DRAM Prosperity In 2010

2009 In Review, DDR3 Crossover, DRAM Prosperity and Shortages In 2010, provides invaluable insight into where the memory segment is headed and why. With a detailed quarterly review of ASPs, unit shipments and revenues for 2009 and 2010, the numbers rise to the surface and tell the story of what to expect over the next several months within the volatile DRAM segment. Capital expenditures, bit growth rate, DDR3 Crossover, and detailed forecasts through 2014 are all included.

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Digital Photo Frames: Hanging on the Holidays

Digital photo frames are a popular gift that have begun to integrate themselves into the average home. Digital photo frames have recently become more popular as the ASP has decreased and online photo storage services have increased. Semico expects a 57% CAGR between 2009 and 2013 as digital photo frames grow from 10.3 million units to over 62 million units.

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E-readers: Reader Me This, Reader Me That

The E-reader is a highly talked about device that is picking up steam in the consumer industry. While developed in the late 90s, they have only recently become popular, with the release of Amazon's Kindle and more recently, Barnes and Noble's nook. Semico expects a 66% CAGR between 2009 and 2013 as E-readers grow from 3.7 million units to approximately 28 million units.

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5 High Growth Markets

At the beginning of 2009 Semico predicted the exact month the semiconductor industry would rebound. The downturn is now firmly behind us, and much of that is due to strong growth in the consumer market, helping third quarter semiconductor revenues increase by 16.8%. Out of over 40 end use markets, Semico has identified the top 5 that have contributed to the recovery and which will continue to provide large growth for the industry.

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Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Looking for Sales in All the Right Places

The used semiconductor manufacturing business is alive and well. Over the next five years, the availability of affordable used equipment will allow semiconductor fabs, research labs and universities to upgrade to faster, more cost effective 200mm and 300mm tools. This study provides five-year forecasts for used equipment supply and demand based on wafer demand and fab requirements. It also identifies opportunities for sales of used 200mm and 300mm equipment.

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Foundry Market Trends: No Longer "Taiwan-Centric", 3Q09

Change is on the horizon. Advanced Technology Investment Company LLC (ATIC) and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Chartered) have entered into a definitive agreement whereby ATIC will acquire Chartered. What does this mean? Semico does not think that TSMC will be ‘dethroned’ as the leading foundry but it does mean that the number two spot is definitely up for grabs. Semico’s data indicates that by 2011, the combined GlobalFoundries/Chartered company will out pace UMC in terms of advanced capacity available for production.

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