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February 2005

Digital Cameras: Semiconductors Get the Picture

Phoenix, Arizona February 17, 2005 - Digital cameras are an attractive, rapidly growing semiconductor end-use market. What are the opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers in this market? How can a semiconductor company get a piece of that market? Semico Research Corp. study MP117-05, “Digital Cameras: Semiconductors Get the Picture,” addresses those questions. This study provides digital camera forecasts by market segment, a typical digital camera BOM, semiconductor ASP forecasts, semiconductor TAM by device type and a wafer demand forecast.

Semico's IPI Rises, Recovery to Begin in September

Phoenix, Arizona February 14, 2005 - Semico’s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) rose sharply this month, indicating market recovery could occur late in 3Q05. The December IPI reading of 15.56 was up 10.0% from the November IPI of 14.14. This was the greatest percentage increase in five and a half years, when the June 1998 IPI increased by 19.6%.

Semico Releases 4Q04 SRAM Study

Phoenix, Arizona February 10, 2005 - Semico Research Corp’s latest 4Q04 SRAM report shows a record year in terms of unit shipments. One would think the revenue would be pouring in but the truth is manufacturers made a lot less money this year. The aggregate ASP dropped in excess of 50% since 2000 when it was $5.31 and in 2004 it was a mere $2.45. The primary reason is that Pseudo SRAM (PSRAM) has made a big dent in the SRAM market.

Semico Predicts Slow Year for DRAM in 2005

Phoenix, Arizona February 9, 2005 - Semico Research Corp’s latest 4Q04 DRAM report shows 3Q04 revenue was up a mere 1.2 percent over second quarter; however, it was up 53 percent compared to the same quarter in 2003. The Semico forecast was on the mark; grow more than 56 percent in 2004 with DRAM revenue totaling $26.8 billion.

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