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April 2005

DVD Recorders: Sayonara to the VCR

Sayonara to the VCR

Phoenix, Arizona April 25, 2005 - Consumers are saying sayonara to the VCR and local electronics stores are saying hello to more DVD players and DVD recorders. DVD has been one of the biggest electronics success stories in history. Although DVD players are now a staple in most homes in America and indeed around the world, most consumers still needed a VCR if they wanted to archive a favorite TV show or camcorder content. Now however, DVD recorders are becoming big business and rapidly taking the VCR’s place in homes all over the world.

IPI Shows Upturn in Late 3Q05

Semico IPI - Source: Semico Research Corp.

Phoenix, Arizona April 13, 2005 - Semico’s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) registered 16.0 in February, up from 15.7 in January. This marks the third consecutive month that the IPI has risen. Since the IPI is designed to forecast the semiconductor market 8 to 9 months in advance, this further substantiates Semico’s prediction of an upturn in the market occurring in the 3Q05 timeframe.

DRAM Market to Slow in 2005

In 2004, the Corporate IT spending and PC replacement markets finally broke the economic chains that bound them.