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E-readers: Reader Me This, Reader Me That

SKU: MP106-09

The E-reader is a highly talked about device that is picking up steam in the consumer industry. While developed in the late 90s, they have only recently become popular, with the release of Amazon's Kindle and more recently, Barnes and Noble's nook. Semico expects a 66% CAGR between 2009 and 2013 as E-readers grow from 3.7 million units to approximately 28 million units.

The slow initial growth of this market was due to some technological limitations. These limitations, such as lack of color in e-paper displays, are slowly being overcome. Semico discusses these hurdles, the trends that drive the market, the target market, and what this all means for the semiconductor industry.

To be competitive in this newly popular market, you need to see where the semiconductor devices are used, how they will change over the coming years, and what really makes an E-reader different from other handhelds. E-reader features, semiconductor content, including the memory, are all included in Semico’s analysis of the market along with a regional forecast of where the products are produced by the OEMs, the total available market, and a wafer demand analysis.

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