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Digital Photo Frames: Hanging on the Holidays

SKU: MP107-09

Digital photo frames are a popular gift that have begun to integrate themselves into the average home. Digital photo frames have recently become more popular as the ASP has decreased and online photo storage services have increased. Semico expects a 57% CAGR between 2009 and 2013 as digital photo frames grow from 10.3 million units to over 62 million units.

Originally, digital photo frames were built to just display digital photos, letting consumers have a type of screen saver in their living room. Today, manufacturers are hoping digital photo frames will become the hub of the smart home, and the BOM reflects that. Semico explains what hurdles this product has had to overcome, the trends that drive the market, the target market, and what all this means for the semiconductor industry.

To be competitive in this popular market, you need to see where the semiconductor devices are used, how they will change over the coming years, and what consumers are really looking for when making purchasing decisions. Digital photo frame features, semiconductor content, including the memory, are all included in Semico’s analysis of the market along with a regional forecast of where the products are produced by the OEMs, the total available market, and a wafer demand analysis.

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