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Semico Lowers Forecast as NAND Prices Weaken

Semico expects to see a stronger market in the second half of 2015, based on strong increases in our IPI index in the second half of 2014.  The IPI accurately predicts semiconductor revenue inflection points four quarters in advance.  Recent economic events and fears of weakness in some end markets have resulted in substantial downgrades in forecasts from other prognosticators. In the past we too have fallen into this trap only to look back to say that the IPI was more correct. Forecasting the semiconductor market is not for the "faint of heart".

CMP Consumables & the IoT - Facts vs. Fiction

INVITATION to Sept. 15th CMP Consumables, MEMs & the IoT Webinar
CMP Consumables & the IoT - Facts vs. Fiction
Get Strategic Info:

  • What growth is expected?
  • Why the hype?
  • What is probable and improbable?
  • What are the drivers?
  • What CMP Consumable market segments will be most affected?

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The Importance of Materials Selection to Solve Hardware Design Challenges

One of the most overlooked aspects of hardware design is the key role that materials selection plays in the overall product development process. For example, laminates are the foundation upon which all other components, both hardware and software, depend in order to ensure that the products into which they are incorporated are functionally operational.

Semico Research Announces Impact 2015 Keynote: Pushing the Envelope on Bandwidth

The thirst for higher bandwidth--driven by mobile, Big Data, and higher performance computing applications--presents new challenges for the designers of very high speed PCBs and IC packages.  Faster PCIe, SATA, and SAT interfaces and new 100G/400G systems featuring multi-lane 25-32Gbps SerDes (moving to 56Gbps), and  higher density, lower power, smaller footprint HPC/HBM/3D NAND memory interfaces are sparking a move to signaling technologies (PAM4/8), improved board/package materials, and a better signal/power integrity design discipline.

Semico Research Announces Impact 2015 Speaker Lineup - Reserve Your Seat Now!

Semico Research is proud to announce the speaker lineup for the 2015 Impact Conference, to be held October 13 at the Computer History Museum (1401 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California 94043).  Confirmed speakers include the following:
Jim Feldhan, Semico Research Corp.
Tarun Amla, Isola
Daniel DeAraujo, Mentor Graphics
Brian Fuller, ARM
Lee Ritchey, Speeding Edge
Scott McMorrow, Samtec
Geoffrey Hazelett, Polar Instruments
Daniel DeAraujo, Mentor Graphics
Nathaniel Unger, Altera
Robert L. Sankman, Intel

Android Marshmallow to Boost NFC Payments

The Internet is buzzing with Google's official announcement of Android Marshmallow.  When it rolls out this fall, it will include Android Pay.  Android Pay is essentially a streamlined version 2.0 of Google Wallet, originally introduced in 2010.  All the new system requires is that you unlock your phone and place it near the contactless terminal at the point of sale.  Google Wallet involved launching an app and typing in a pin number. 

Semico Research Announces Impact 2015 Panel - Boards, Chips & Packaging: Meeting Market Requirements

The Internet of Things promises an unprecedented opportunity for the electronics industry.  From front-end devices like roadway sensors to back-end network equipment supporting the rush of new data inputs, electronics are the integral foundation of this new era.  More than ever, pressure is on the electronics industry to deliver the right solution at the right time and at the right price. 

Boards, Chips and Packaging: Hardware Takes Center Stage

Today’s electronic products have become so sophisticated and ubiquitous that we have come to expect that each new generation will address both our current and future needs. Years ago, the industry was hardware-centric and driven by “big iron” products. Capacity and functionality were thoroughly dependent upon increasingly complex hardware. Think of the movies of the 50s where “high tech” data was encoded on paper cards that were then fed into a massive bank of computers. Then move to the current, often-cited technology fact that an iPhone has more computing power in it than the technology that took the Apollo astronauts to the moon.

Semico Research Announces Impact 2015 Panel: How Do We Get to Next-Generation High Speed Data Transfer Rates?

The need for more bandwidth is continuing to drive the Internet infrastructure. Rapid growth of server, network and internet traffic is fueling the need for higher data rates. Key contributors to data demand include Internet consumer applications, cloud-based computing and storage, virtual servers, advances in scientific and financial computing and the Internet of Things. While fiber optic cables are capable of delivering data rates into terabits/sec, the main bottleneck continues to be the last critical mile solution.

Semico Research Releases Latest Fab Database Report: Highlights Where Billions of Dollars in Capex are Being Spent

One of the largest events in the semiconductor industry, SEMICON West just wrapped up another successful show.  Semico Research was there and observed that the used equipment portion was particularly well-attended.  With the emergence of the IoT, MEMS and sensor production are in higher demand than ever before.  These devices are produced in 200mm fabs that are fully depreciated and very efficient.  Many analog products are also made on 200mm equipment, although some production is turning to 300mm.  The increase in demand for 200mm production has increased the need for used equipment.