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The Future of the IP Industry is in Your Hands: Register Now for Semico's IP Conference

Phoenix, Arizona May 2, 2012 - In the SoC design landscape, the industry needs answers to a long list of issues:

• SoC silicon and software design costs are rising at each new process node - with increasing emphasis being placed on the software side of the design cost equation
• Design complexity is increasing to meet rising market requirements
• Power consumption continues to be the major issue for designers today - especially in light of the trend to have hundreds of apps on mobile devices
• The cost to integrate the large number of IP blocks being used in SoCs today is rising and probably one of the causes of increasing design costs in general
• The difficulty in achieving timing closure and running verification for complex SoC designs are other troubling trends designers must contend with
• Rising design costs for SoCs increase the number of parts that need to be sold just to make back the design investment
• The Multicore era is firmly with us and performance issues, especially in the area of memory latency continue to get worse
• The number of IP blocks in complex SoC designs today is approaching 100, if it hasn't already exceeded that level. This adds to design complexity and cost
• Silicon Foundries continue to push the process technology envelope at each new node, but the cost for doing so is rising as it becomes more difficult to advance

This is a pretty long list of issues that the industry needs to work through. Many of them are not new questions, but it certainly feels like they are becoming more intense in their nature and importance. This is one of the reasons Semico decided to host a conference on the IP Ecosystem. Since IP has assumed such a critical role in the SoC design methodology today, we think it is a good idea to have a forum that brings together concerned parties to discuss these issues and their potential solutions and impacts on the industry as a whole.

• If you are a SoC designer and have an opinion about some of the issues listed here, you should attend to learn what solutions are being proposed and to make your voice heard.
• If you are a silicon architect and wonder how you are going to be able to squeeze all the functionality needed into your next design in less time and at a lower cost, you should attend and help shape the future through your input and comments.
• If you are a silicon or software engineer and have noticed how it is getting harder to keep coming up with new solutions to old problems, you should attend to find out what ideas are being proposed to actually put some of these issues finally to rest.

We hope to see you at the Semico IMPACT Conference: Focus on the IP Ecosystem on the 16th! The event will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose.

Register today and save 50% off the price at the door!

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