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Semico is a semiconductor marketing & consulting research company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer custom consulting, portfolio packages, individual market research studies and premier industry conferences.

Jim Feldhan to Speak at SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum, April 17, 2015

Semico is proud to announce Jim Feldhan will speak at the SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum:  Wafers to Wall Street:  Emerging Markets.  The event will take place April 17, 2015 at Intel's Ocotillo Campus in Chandler, Arizona.  The title of Mr. Feldhan's presentation is "Emerging Technologies:  Science Fiction Becomes Reality."  

For more information, visit SEMI's website:

Tony Massimini to speak at 13th Annual MEPTEC, May 20, 2015

Tony Massimini, Chief of Technology for Semico Research, will be speaking at the 13th Annual MEPTEC MEMS Technology Symposium.  Tony's presentation will cover the ecosystem for MCUs, sensors and MEMS for IoT.

When: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where:  Holiday Inn San Jose Airport, San Jose, CA

For more information:

Connected Devices to Ship 36B Units by 2020, Says Semico Research

Connectivity and interoperability are key elements for the IoT. The goal is to generate data from many end nodes in products and devices. These are physical objects with unique IP addresses. Consumers want products and services that will enhance and improve their lifestyles. The forecast for the number of connected devices is expected to reach 36 billion units by 2020.

Power Management Revenues To Reach $12B by 2018, Says Semico Research

The shift to mobile has given a huge boost to the analog market.  Interfacing with the real world via cameras, touch, gesture controls, audio and video applications all require analog functionality.  In addition, power management ICs are critical to the success of these devices.  These growing applications have added significant volumes to analog unit sales. 

Wafer Demand Summary and Assumptions 4Q14

The Wafer Demand Summary and Assumptions is a quarterly publication. It includes an excel spreadsheet with annual wafer demand by product by technology from 2002-2018. Product categories include DRAM, SRAM, NAND, NOR, Other Non-volatile, MPU, MCU, DSP, Computing Micro Logic, Communications, Other Micro Logic, Programmable Logic, Standard Cell, Gate Array, Analog, Discrete, Optoelectronics, Digital Bipolar. In addition, there is a five-page summary write-up providing the major assumptions behind the forecast and changes from the previous quarter.

Table of Contents: 

NXP and Freescale Merging

The semiconductor industry continues to consolidate. Some mergers are stronger than others.  On March 1, 2015 it was announced that NXP and Freescale plan to combine forces.  Both companies have a significant presence in automotive and microcontrollers. Following this merger the new company would be the leader in automotive semiconductors and second in MCUs.  But does bigger mean better?

According to the NXP press release “Freescale shareholders will receive $6.25 in cash and 0.3521 of an NXP ordinary share for each Freescale common share held at the close of the transaction. The purchase price implies a total equity value for Freescale of approximately $11.8 billion.” If one were to include Freescale’s net debt, the total enterprise value is $16.7 billion. The transaction is expected to be completed by 2H 2015.

Both companies have comparable revenues. NXP’s gross revenues in 2014 were $5.6 billion while Freescale had $4.6 billion. The combined revenues are $10.2 billion.

Jim Feldhan to Speak at SEMICON China, March 18, 2015

Semico Research and Consulting is pleased to announce that Jim Feldhan is an invited speaker at SEMICON China 2015.  Mr. Feldhan will be presenting on Wednesday, March 18.  For details, please visit the event website here.  

Graphene: Wonder Material?

The fact that new materials continue to be discovered and introduced into innovative electronic devices is a major feat. Semico is analyzing the challenges of new product discovery, development and commercialization. Graphene is just one of the products under investigation. This write-up is taken from a full essay in this month’s Semico IPI report.

Since 2004, when two scientists at Manchester University, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, isolated a single sheet of graphene and then performed electrical measurements and characterizations on the material, graphene has become the superstar of the material world. Today, I Googled graphene, and got 11,500,000 results, including definitions, companies, recent research findings, images and in-depth articles. And the patents are piling up. Samsung was reported as one of the leaders in this area with more than 200 patents.

The Shifting FinFET Market

Total Sensor Market to Exceed 35 Billion Units by 2018, says Semico Research & Consulting Group


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