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Making Vehicles Smart: Auto CPU and IP TAM

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The automotive semiconductor market will exceed the overall industry growth as semiconductor content expands with added features and functionality.  The desire to put self-driving vehicles on the road is creating most of the increased interest in the automotive market and the growing automotive semiconductor demand.  Connectivity is a necessary feature for autonomous cars and is growing as a percentage of new cars produced.  

In this report, Semico Research analyzes 48 automotive electronic systems in the categories of safety, powertrain, body electronics, comfort and convenience, and ADS.  The analysis looks at the system penetration rate for passenger and commercial vehicles between 2005 and 2020.  The report identifies the number of processors consumed by the automotive industry by year by electronic systems. Processor dollar revenues are also presented by system by year.

This report includes a section on semiconductor IP in automotive, including a discussion on architectures, and presenting royalty TAM, ASIC design starts  and unit shipments for nine different types of IP.  

Table of Contents: 

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