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Semico is a semiconductor marketing & consulting research company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer custom consulting, portfolio packages, individual market research studies and premier industry conferences.

Semico’s IPI Index Points to 9% Revenue Growth in 2015

First quarter 2015 is now history, and companies will soon be reporting their Q1 earnings.  Here at Semico we’ve checked the IPI Index against our forecast and year-to-date actuals to see if the industry outlook is on track for 2015.  Here’s the critical review.

First of all, Semico’s forecast for total semiconductor sales in 2015 is $378 billion, up nearly 9% over 2014.  Units will increase to 849 billion representing a 10.5% growth over 2014.  However, there is an upside to this forecast.  DRAM pricing is expected to remain strong as demand remains healthy and more complex fabrication processes reduce wafer output per fab line, limiting the potential for an over-capacity situation.  In addition, the largest memory supplier, Samsung, is slowing its DRAM ramp, i.e. pushing out capex for DRAM capacity.  The memory market has played a major role in the growth of semiconductor revenues over the past two years. 

On a quarterly basis, Q1 2015 is expected to result in a sequential decline of 2.1% compared to Q4 2014 and a 5% year-over-year increase compared to Q1 2014. 


Quarterly Semiconductor Revenues and Units

(In Millions of US Dollars and Units)

Source:  SIA/WSTS and Semico Research Corp.

MEMS Shipments to Reach 43.3 Billion Units by 2018, says Semico Research

12 Inch SOI wafers will grow over 30% CAGR to 2019, says Semico Research

SoC Silicon and Software Design Costs to have 44% CAGR through 2018, says Semico Research

Full Steam Ahead For China Inc.

Were you in Shanghai last week? If not, you missed the biggest Semicon event in the world. Semicon China broke records this year. With more than 1,000 companies participating, and 570,000 square meters of exhibition space, Semicon China attracted more than 50,000 visitors, making it the largest Semicon event in the world. All the sessions we attended were standing room only.

Key areas of focus this week included IoT, the JCET/STATS ChipPac merger and the China National IC Fund. AMD CEO Lisa Su set the stage with an opening keynote highlighting the exciting possibilities still ahead for the industry. She pointed out the opportunities and challenges facing electronics as we move toward photorealistic, real-time virtual reality. New applications such as mobile VR require the processing power to transmit a million times faster than the speed that we use to transmit today. These applications will require immersive computing. The need for performance, bandwidth and low power is not subsiding.

MEMS Market Update: The New Driving Forces

The market for Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) has been growing at a fast rate.  In 2014 sales of MEMS devices exceeded $14.3 billion, an annual growth of 12.5%. Semico Research projects that by 2018 MEMS sales will reach $21.5 billion.  This is a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.0% from 2013 to 2018.  Gyroscopes and accelerometers will account for a significant amount of the MEMS revenues. But growth will be driven by a wide variety of emerging MEMS.

Table of Contents: 

SOI Update 2015: Finding New Applications

With the recent growth in RF-SOI for switches and integrated solutions for RF functions such as power amplifiers and transceivers, the opportunities for growth in SOI wafer demand have once again garnered a lot of attention.  In addition, as the industry transitions to very complex and expensive finFET technology, SOI is providing a high performance, low power option to semiconductor vendors who do not want take on the challenges of finFETs.  This report explores the markets, products and outlook for SOI wafer adoption over the next five years.  

Table of Contents: 

SoC Silicon and Software Design Cost Analysis: How Rising Costs Impact SoC Design Starts

One of the most pressing problems silicon and software designers face today is the rising design costs they face at each new process node going forward. These costs have an impact on the number of 1st time System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designs and the resultant derivative designs.

Table of Contents: 

Jim Feldhan to Speak at SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum, April 17, 2015

Semico is proud to announce Jim Feldhan will speak at the SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum:  Wafers to Wall Street:  Emerging Markets.  The event will take place April 17, 2015 at Intel's Ocotillo Campus in Chandler, Arizona.  The title of Mr. Feldhan's presentation is "Emerging Technologies:  Science Fiction Becomes Reality."  

For more information, visit SEMI's website:

Tony Massimini to speak at 13th Annual MEPTEC, May 20, 2015

Tony Massimini, Chief of Technology for Semico Research, will be speaking at the 13th Annual MEPTEC MEMS Technology Symposium.  Tony's presentation will cover the ecosystem for MCUs, sensors and MEMS for IoT.

When: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where:  Holiday Inn San Jose Airport, San Jose, CA

For more information: