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January 2010

Outlook 2010 Panel: Technology Everywhere, All the Time

People want to be connected everywhere and all the time: at work, travelling, at home, in the grocery store, at sporting events, everywhere. They want telephone, Web and wireless networking connections for audio, video and data. Smart phones come close to satisfying this desire; but there are still dead spots, not enough bandwidth or the screen is too small. The available technology is being taxed. What’s next? What applications do people want? What kinds of devices. What new technologies will be needed? What are the economics at play? Is there a need for a new business model? Most of all, where are the semiconductor opportunities.

The speakers on this panel will be:

Derek Meyer
Executive Vice President

Alex Shubat
President and CEO
Virage Logic

Bart Ladd
General Manager
NEC America

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Outlook 2010 Panel: Infrastructure is Key

Smart phones, Wide Area Networks and a host of future mobile devices are drivers for future semiconductor industry growth. So are virtualization, storage, cloud computing and anytime/anywhere computing applications. But, none of this will be possible without an often ignored factor, an adequate supporting infrastructure. A seemingly insatiable demand for bandwidth is being created. How will this demand be satisfied? This panel will discuss the infrastructure build out, the new technologies and the semiconductors that will be required to provide the capacity, performance reliability that will be required.

The speakers on this panel will be:

Brad Howe,
Vice President, IC Design
Altera Corporation

Lisa T. Su, Ph. D.
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Multimedia
Freescale Semiconductor

Young K. Sohn
President and CEO
Inphi Corporation

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DDR3 Crossover, DRAM Prosperity In 2010

2009 In Review, DDR3 Crossover, DRAM Prosperity and Shortages In 2010, provides invaluable insight into where the memory segment is headed and why. With a detailed quarterly review of ASPs, unit shipments and revenues for 2009 and 2010, the numbers rise to the surface and tell the story of what to expect over the next several months within the volatile DRAM segment. Capital expenditures, bit growth rate, DDR3 Crossover, and detailed forecasts through 2014 are all included.

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