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February 2010

Semico Annouces Outlook Event

Phoenix, Arizona February 16, 2010 - Semico Research Corporation today announced that they are hosting the "Semico Outlook" executive forum, "Technology in the Palm of Your Hand," on March 2, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel San Jose.

Semico Outlook is a day-long session of executive keynotes and panels modeled after the highly successful "Semico Summit." Over the years, Semico Summit built a reputation as the premier semiconductor industry executive forum.

Micron Transformed Through Partnerships

Micron continues its tradition of innovative business strategies by buying distressed assets and creating highly productive joint ventures.  For DRAM, the company is projecting 160% bit growth per wafer from Q4 2009 – Q4 2011.  NAND is forecasted to achieve 114% bit growth per wafer over the same time.

Their copper and leading edge process drives lower voltages and higher reliability.  Micron's goal is to be the lowest-cost manufacturer.

The ventures with Intel and Inotera provide 50% of both DRAM and NAND, which is a great strategic move.

Looking at fab tools, lead times for litho tools have extended to 10-12 months.  Micron claims that they have slots for the tools that they need; however, the overall industry may be limited.

One tool per month through 2011 at Inotera.  Inotera will ramp 50nm in 2010, with 42nm starting Q4 2010.  Moving to 42nm will bring a huge productivity improvement at Inotera, and will cost $2 billion.

On top of this, Micron is generating substantial cash.

-- Posted from Micron's winter analyst meeting