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Semico 2020 Fab Database now Available

Semico's Fab Database report is a great resource for tracking changes among advanced as well as mature fabs. You can also sort the data by region or by type of products. Semico's report includes updates on fabs owned by foundries, memory manufacturers, IDMs, and research facilities. The database itself includes detailed information about each fab, including operating status, location, process, products, wafer size, capacity, and more. Semico updates it biannually with a summary of whic

August Revenues Increase 9.4% MoM; 2H 2020 Expected to Grow 5.3% over 1H 2020

August semiconductor revenues grew 9.4% over July 2020 and were 4.9% greater than August 2019. The MoM increase was two percentage points above the average for the past five years of 7.3%. Regionally, revenues for all segments grew with the exception of Japan, down –2.8%. The strongest revenue growth was in China at 14% over July, followed by the Americas up 12%. The regional trend for units was similar, with Japan the only one to decline (by –4%). Unit shipments for the other regions were up 5-6%. 

Revenues Fall 8.0% in July; 2020 Still on Track for 3.3% Growth, according to Semico IPI Report

Revenues in July fell -8.0% from June, right in line with the average decline for July over the last ten years of -8.1%. However, compared to July 2019, revenues grew 5.0% in July 2020. This marks the eighth consecutive month of single-digit YoY percent increases.  

July 2020 Semico IPI Report: 1H 2020 Revenues increase 5.9% YoY; Semico Raises 2020 Annual Forecast to 3.3%

With first half results in, we have some perspective on this historic year. Revenues were up 5.9% from 1H 2019, and they were down 3% from 2H 2019. Revenues in 2Q 2020 were down only 0.9% from 1Q 2020, and they were up 5.0% from 2Q 2019. Units in the 2Q were down 2.4% compared to 1Q 2020, and they were down 2.7% compared to 2Q 2019.

On a regional basis, China had the best results in 2Q 2020, with revenues up 6.6% and units up 7.1%. This reflects the country recovering from the devastating lockdowns the country experienced ........

2020 Total Wafer Demand Expected to Reach 106.3 million 300mm Wafer Equivalents, says Semico Research

The unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic is playing havoc with both the world economic scene as well as the semiconductor industry outlook. In January 2020, as Wuhan, China and other surrounding areas shut down, there was speculation that the world would experience an interruption in the supply chain. Today it is clear that the U.S. and world GDP have been affected, and most forecasters adjusted their numbers down. On the other hand, the semiconductor industry is experiencing some positive results by responding quickly to the warning signs from China and the shelter-at-home directive.

Smart Speaker Unit Shipments Expected to Grow 28% in 2020, says Semico Research

Our interaction with electronic devices has changed much over the decades. We have gone from command-line to graphical user interfaces to touchscreens. We have now arrived at a new user interface: voice interaction with assistants such as Amazon's Alexa. Smart speakers installed with a voice assistant are the new way to easily play music or get information. Speakers have transitioned to interactive, connected devices that can operate in concert with other smart devices in the home.

May Semiconductor Revenues up 9.0% MoM; Economic Uncertainty Clouds View of 2H 2020, according to Semico IPI Report

May 2020 semiconductor revenues increased 9.0% from April, which was down 14% from March. April's 14.2% drop was the largest sequential decline since 2011, but May's 9.0% increase was the largest for the month of May since 2006. Year-over-year, May was up 6.4% compared to May 2019. The North American PCB book-to-bill ratio fell from 1.19 in April to 1.1 in May. However, anything above one is a positive sign for sales six months out. The ratio has been at 1.0 or higher since May 2019.

Shockingly Good: SiC Revenues Reach $3 Billion by 2024, says Semico Research

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a wide bandgap material and can be used for discrete components such as Schottky diodes and MOSFETs as well as bare die in power modules. Wide bandgap (WBG) refers to materials that permit devices to operate at much higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures than conventional semiconductor materials like silicon and gallium arsenide. It offers many advantages, including higher thermal conductivity that results in more efficient heat transfer and a lower on-state resistance that decreases conduction losses.

Average Silicon Design Cost for SoCs Across all Geometries was $4.8M in 2019, says Semico Research

The semiconductor industry today is faced with several substantial issues-not the least of which are the continuing rise in design costs for complex SoCs, the decrease in the incidence of first-time-right designs and the increase in the design cycle time against shrinking market windows.

Semico Research Quarterly IPI Forecast Report shows 2020 Revenues Down Slightly 0.22%

Despite the pandemic disrupting life around the world in 1Q 2020, quarterly semiconductor revenues declined by only 3.4% from 4Q 2019 and were up 6.8% compared with 1Q 2019 revenues. However, part of that recovery is the fact that 1Q 2019 revenues were down -14.6%, a much higher decline than seasonally normal for a first quarter. Units fell -5.6% sequentially.  Our overall 2020 revenue forecast has been lowered to slightly negative to -0.22%.