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RISC-V-based AI SoC Units to Grow at a 73.6% CAGR by 2027, says Semico Research

The semiconductor and computer industries are undergoing an explosion of computational and silicon architectural exploration and discovery.

Automotive MOS Logic Wafer Demand to Increase 38.4% in 2021, Says Semico Research

Challenges on the semiconductor supply side have placed some constraints on semiconductor sales in 2021. As the demand for electric vehicles and AI products continues to penetrate the general consumer market, there are shortages for certain chips. Current semiconductor manufacturing capacity requires additional time to return to previous levels. Manufacturers are making adjustments, but in the meantime, some OEMs are also double-ordering certain products which makes the situation appear worse than it really is.

2021 Wafer Demand to Increase 12.1%, Says Semico Research

Increased chip demand is being driven by better-than-expected orders for all types of electronics, from next generation smartphones to electric vehicles. Memory and certain logic chips are in tight supply. In a few semiconductor product groups, unit sales are significantly up with ASPs declining, signaling some inventory build-up. At the same time, semiconductor manufacturers are making production adjustments in order to return to previous output levels. However, some OEMs are also double ordering certain products which makes the situation appear worse than it really is.

Worldwide IP Market Revenues to Approach $10.3B by 2025, says Semico Research

The 3rd Party Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) market has seen great innovation in the products it offers to System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designers over the last ten years. If any market segment in the semiconductor industry typifies the intense evolutionary pressures that the entire electronics market has undergone, it is the 3rd Party IP market. Most of these evolutionary forces are driven by the need to integrate more functionality in fewer devices at the system level and in ever-smaller footprints.

2021 Wafer Demand to Increase 8.2%, Says Semico Research

There are challenges on the semiconductor supply side that will place some restraints on semiconductor sales in 2021. As electric vehicles and AI continue to penetrate the general consumer market, there are reports of chip shortages. Current semiconductor manufacturing capacity is finding it challenging to keep up with demand. A new report from Semico Research, Semico Wafer Demand Q1 2021 Highlights (MA110-21), forecasts wafer demand for 2021 to increase 8.2% in 2021.

RISC-V Cores to Approach 115% CAGR from 2020 to 2025, Says Semico Research

The semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) market is an integral part of the semiconductor industry. Third-party IP has propelled the industry, opening the door for many new products from start-ups to established IDMs. Enabling increasingly complex devices, reducing the cost of product development and reducing the time to market for both leading-edge and mature products are just a few of the benefits of third-party IP.

Semiconductor Wafer Demand Expected to Grow 3.1% in 2020, Says Semico Research

There is a significant amount of economic uncertainty due to the COVID‑19 pandemic; however, Semico’s outlook for semiconductor sales includes several areas of growth which have positively impacted the updated forecast. A new report from Semico Research, Semico Wafer Demand Q4 2020 Highlights (MA112-20), forecasts wafer demand to grow by 3.1% this year over 2019.

September Semiconductor Revenues Increased 11.4%; 2020 Forecast Now at 5.3%

Semiconductor revenues in September grew 11.4%, breaking a three-year streak of single-digit monthly increases. 3Q 2020 revenues grew 10.8% over 2Q 2020 and 6.4% over 3Q 2019. Semico is forecasting 4Q 2020 revenues will decline 0.4%; this will result in revenue growth for the year of 5.3%.

Semico IPI 

Potential Design Cost Savings from using AI Tools for SoC Designs Ranges from 20% to 30%, says Semico Research

The semiconductor industry today is faced with several substantial issues—the continuing rise in design costs for complex SoCs, the decrease in the incidence of first-time-right designs and the increase in the design cycle time against shrinking market windows and decreasing product life cycles. An additional factor has now been added to SoC design costs with the emergence of complicated software applications intended to run on the SoC silicon. As happens often in our industry, the right solution surfaces at the right time.

Analog Market Forecast to Grow at a 2.9% CAGR through 2025, Says Semico Research

The global electronics market is expected to consume over 160 billion Analog ICs in 2020. This translates to several Analog ICs per electronic device but is down 1.5% compared to 2019 unit sales. While Analog ICs are essential to electronic systems, this will mark the second year in which revenues and units both register declines. That has not happened before during the past 20 years.