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Analog Market Forecast to Grow at a 2.9% CAGR through 2025, Says Semico Research

The global electronics market is expected to consume over 160 billion Analog ICs in 2020. This translates to several Analog ICs per electronic device but is down 1.5% compared to 2019 unit sales. While Analog ICs are essential to electronic systems, this will mark the second year in which revenues and units both register declines. That has not happened before during the past 20 years. The Analog average selling price has been dropping for five years and is expected to fall to only $0.318 in 2020. Semico’s newest report, Analog Market Update: Making Digital Systems Come Alive (MP115-20), forecasts that Analog sales will eventually revert back to established trends; however, sales will slow compared to historical averages. Over the next five years, Analog sales growth is expected to be a 2.9% CAGR in dollars. 

"The Analog market is very competitive, and many Analog products utilize old process technologies. Mature process technologies and long-lived products have helped companies to remain profitable even as ASPs decline," says Jim Feldhan, President, Semico Research. "However, in 2020 the pandemic caused interruptions in the supply chain, manufacturing and ultimately sales. In addition, trade restrictions and uncertainties continue to cause Analog sales to diverge from traditional patterns." 
New research findings include:

  • Analog products are expected to contribute 11.9% of total semiconductor revenues.
  • By 2024, the Americas region will be back up to 14.3% of the total market.
  • General Purpose Analog unit growth is forecast to grow at a 5.5% CAGR over the next five years.  
  •  Power Management devices represented 61% of the total General Purpose Analog revenue and 73% of the units.

Semico's latest report, Analog Market Update: Making Digital Systems Come Alive (MP115-20), provides a forecast for the analog market in units and dollars by region and segments. This report forecasts the analog market by 36 product categories and provides quarterly data through 2025. In addition to the quarterly and annual forecast, the report details a company profile on 13 analog foundry suppliers.

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