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March 2021

NaNose Medical and BrainChip Innovation

Semico recently published an article in our March, 2021 IPI Newsletter detailing a press release between NaNose (Nano Artificial Nose) Medical and BrainChip in which they jointly announced a new system for medical diagnosis COVID-19. This system used an artificially intelligent nano-array based on molecularly modified gold nanoparticles and a random network of single-walled carbon nanotubes paired with the Akida neuromorphic AI processor from BrainChip.
Using a non-invasive breathalyzer approach, this system collects Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s) given off by long list of diseases and passes these chemicals past the AI nano-array sensor and used the Akida neuromorphic processor to analyze the data, giving the results almost immediately with 86% accuracy.
Each of these technologies is projected to have great positive impacts on our society and economies in the near future. How much better then to detail the marriage of metamaterials and AI in this system as an impressive first step in that direction. In addition to the great achievement of being able to detect the COVID-19 virus non-invasively, this technology pairing can also detect a range of other diseases simultaneously with similar results.
The table below shows the other diseases that are detectable by the nano-array sensor and the BrainChip neuromorphic AI processor.
List of Diseases Detected by NaNose Medical Nano-array Sensor

2021 Wafer Demand to Increase 8.2%, Says Semico Research

There are challenges on the semiconductor supply side that will place some restraints on semiconductor sales in 2021. As electric vehicles and AI continue to penetrate the general consumer market, there are reports of chip shortages. Current semiconductor manufacturing capacity is finding it challenging to keep up with demand. A new report from Semico Research, Semico Wafer Demand Q1 2021 Highlights (MA110-21), forecasts wafer demand for 2021 to increase 8.2% in 2021.

Semico Wafer Demand: Q1 2021 Highlights

The Wafer Demand Summary and Assumptions is a quarterly publication. It includes an excel spreadsheet with annual wafer demand by product by technology from 2010-2025. Product categories include DRAM, SRAM, NAND, NOR, Other Non-volatile, MPU, MCU, DSP, Computing MOS Logic, Communications MOS Logic, Consumer MOS Logic, Automotive MOS Logic, Other MOS Logic, Programmable Logic, Standard Cell, Gate Array, Analog, Discrete, Optoelectronics, Sensors and Digital Bipolar.

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RISC-V Cores to Approach 115% CAGR from 2020 to 2025, Says Semico Research

The semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) market is an integral part of the semiconductor industry. Third-party IP has propelled the industry, opening the door for many new products from start-ups to established IDMs. Enabling increasingly complex devices, reducing the cost of product development and reducing the time to market for both leading-edge and mature products are just a few of the benefits of third-party IP.

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