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Press Releases and News

Tony Massimini to Speak at the 2013 MEPTEC Medical Technology Conference

Semico's Chief of Technology, Tony Massimini, will speak at the 2013 MEPTEC Medical Technology Conference taking place September 17th and 18th at Arizona State University. He will be speaking about the Quantified Self, which is the trend of aggregating as much data about an individual as possible.

Semico Research sees MEMS Market Growing 70% by 2017

Thanks in large part to the growing smart phone and automotive markets, the MEMS market will generate almost $17 billion in revenues for 2013 and will increase 70% to over $28 billion by 2017. 

Aging in Place Technology to Generate $30 Billion by 2017

We are a society that is growing older by the minute.  By 2030, there will be over 72 million people over the age 65 in North America alone.  And one thing is certain: none of the elderly want to end up in a nursing home.  In fact, elderly who can avoid lengthy nursing home stays, on average, have a median household wealth that is 1,130% greater than those who have stayed in a nursing home over 180 days. 

Complex SoC Silicon and Software Design Costs

Today, everywhere we turn, we hear speakers give presentations at conferences and industry events despairing how the rise in silicon design costs is hampering the semiconductor industry's growth path. As part of this problem, we now recognize that software design costs have eclipsed silicon design efforts and have become the largest portion of the SoC creation effort. In addition, IP integration costs are now rising as more discrete IP blocks are infused into SoC designs today.

MAP Model Update

Semico just updated our MAP Model database.  Desktops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, Servers, and Workstations are all updated.  We are currently including Ultrabooks in with Notebooks as Semico is assuming Notebooks will morph into Ultrabooks within the forecast period.  For more insight, or to get a demo of our MAP Model, please contact Rick.

Jim Feldhan to Speak at ConFab June 2013

Join Semico's President, Jim Feldhan, at this year's ConFab.  It is being held June 23-26 in Las Vegas.  

MEMS and Microcontrollers Helping Each Other Grow, But Change is in Motion

MEMS and microcontrollers work closely together in many applications.  In the simplest case, a sensor provides an input to an MCU.  The sensor will detect an activity or condition in the environment and convert this to a signal that the MCU uses for its algorithm.  In some cases the MCU may drive a MEMS such as an actuator. 

Tony Massimini Speaking at Sensors Expo & Conference

Join Tony Massimini at the Sensors Expo & Conference on June 4th in Rosemont, IL.  Tony will be speaking during the Pre-Conference Symposium titled MEMS Sensor Fusion: Faster. Stronger. Smarter.  This event is hosted by the MEMS Industry Group.