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Talk to the Expert on Sensor Fusion

Do you need more in-depth knowledge about the sensor fusion market?  Semico has you covered.  If you've missed the conferences we've spoken at about the subject, then you can still catch the webinar available at our website.

"Essentially, the objective [of sensor fusion] is to derive intelligence from the sensors. For sensor fusion, this is both a hardware and software solution, and yes, while it's combining two or more sensors, there is more to it than that," says Tony Massimini during one of his sensor fusion webinars. 

We've included a Sensor Fusion report in with our IoT Portfolio because sensor fusion is going to be everywhere.  Every product along the IoT chain will be impacted by sensor fusion.  From wearables to phones to medical to home automation, sensor fusion is perhaps the most important upgrade for many portable devices. 

The main focus for sensor fusion is not only designing in more than one type of sensor, but also how to most effectively use the wealth of raw data. Sensor fusion encompasses both hardware and software elements. The objective is to improve and enhance the end user experience in portable applications.

Consequently, this will drive further sales of the end use products and increase sales for MEMS sensors. What are the key end use markets for sensor fusion? What are the growth rates for sensor fusion and the potential TAM for MEMS sensors? Who are the key players in sensor fusion?

Semico Research's report, "Sensor Fusion: The Elements are Converging", examines the latest trends and issues for MEMS sensors in sensor fusion. There is great growth potential, but there are issues and challenges that need to be addressed for sensor fusion to see strong adoption across many end use markets.

The report is 45 pages long and includes 9 tables and 20 figures. Companies mentioned in this report include Intel, InvenSense, Freescale, STMicroelectronics, Kionix, Movea Technologies, Sensor Platforms, and PNI Sensors.

So, do you need to talk about Sensor Fusion? Give us a call.  We have you covered.  

For More information, contact Rick Vogelei.
Phone: (480) 435 - 8564

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