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Microprocessor Trends Beyond 2010: Follow the Money

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The MPU market is projected to grow 13.6% in 2011, reaching $45.7 billion in revenue. Semico expects to see continued sustained growth into 2011. The MPU market affects a variety of different end-use segments, and to understand this above-average growth, Semico has examined the technological trends driving the market today.

Semico's new report, Microprocessor Trends Beyond 2010: Follow the Money discusses the MPU market and the applications within it. In particular, this report delves into all of the various computing form factors and non-computing applications that is driving the Micro Logic market.

For example, the majority of the 13.6% growth is due to the computing segment, which dominates the MPU Market. Consequently, the 80x86 architecture accounts for the majority of the sales and unit volumes and this report analyzes the roadmaps for both Intel and AMD.

This report is data rich, consisting of a separate excel sheet full of charts and graphics.

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