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Where Do All the DRAM Go?

New Semico Report Identifies the End Market Applications that Use DRAM

Phoenix, Arizona April 24, 2009 - It is not a surprise that this year the DRAM market will fall below 2008 levels for both units and revenues. Semico Research Corp. is forecasting DRAM revenues to decline in excess of 20%, while unit volumes will only drop 6% compared to last year. However, the DRAM market will rebound next year. Semico predicts DRAM revenue growth of 26% and unit volume to increase over 50% in 2010. A key question is “Where will all the DRAM go?”

Semico’s Automotive Database Identifies Semiconductor Opportunities

Phoenix, Arizona April 6, 2009 - From Miatas to Peterbuilts, there are semiconductors in every automotive vehicle. Some of the applications are mature such as engine control units and transmission control units. These applications will grow at the same rate as the total automotive market; at a CAGR of less than 1% for 2008 through 2013. Other applications are in their introductory phase. Adaptive braking and drive-by wire throttles are examples. These applications will grow at CAGRs of 40% to 60% for 2008 thorough 2013.

The Semiconductor Industry Must Fully Transition to System-On-Chip

New Semico Report Series Offers Data and Perspectives to Help Make the Transition

Phoenix, Arizona April 2, 2009 - Semico Research, in conjunction with Advance Tech Marketing, announced today a new series of reports that offers unique information, market data, and insights as the semiconductor industry continues to transition to System-on-Chip (SoC) style methodologies for chip development.

Semico Summit Examines ‘Formula for Success’ in Tough Times

Phoenix, Arizona February 5, 2009 - Semico Research has announced that it will host its 12th annual Semico Summit meeting for high-technology executives on March 8 – 10, 2009. The annual event will take place at the Camelback Inn – Marriott Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Adaptive Braking Systems: No Stopping Its Growth!

Phoenix, Arizona January 8, 2009 - Even during this recession, there is no stopping the growth of automotive adaptive braking systems. The growth of these systems in turn will drive the growth of semiconductor revenues and unit sales for adaptive braking. While the automotive market and the semiconductor market as a whole will decline in 2009, semiconductor sales for adaptive braking systems will not see a downturn. Semico forecasts a CAGR, compounded annual growth rate, of over 100% through 2012 for semiconductor sales for this emerging application.

Solid State Disk Drives Offer New Performance

Phoenix, Arizona December 18, 2008 - Solid state disk drives, or SSDs as they are commonly referred, are an emerging product that brings a new dimension to the PC market. While there are many possible end-product applications for the SSD, the PC market is one where the benefits of the SSD are readily applied. This is particularly true for the mobile PC market where the 4 year CAGR for the SSD in notebook PCs is forecasted to be 89%.

Foundries Shouldering a Heavy Load

Phoenix, Arizona February 17, 2009 - The semiconductor foundry market is facing a number of challenges in 2009. Most of the burden is being born by the foundry suppliers. The foundries continue to invest in new technologies, not just advanced nodes, but new processes for high voltage, mixed signal and power management. All these investments are forcing foundries to assume most of the risk while margins continue to become tighter. Offering more options is one way to capture customer loyalty but it also increases foundry costs.

DRAM and NAND Flash: Doing the Memory Tango

Phoenix, Arizona July 31, 2008 - Why is it critical to look at DRAM and NAND memories together? As the target application for memory technologies continues to shift away from desktop personal computing, the value propositions of memory technologies have also changed. In this report, we examine the strategic issues of the total memory market where manufacturing and technology decisions decide the profitability and health of participants and end use implementers.

NAND Market – Where’s Apple?

Phoenix, Arizona June 30, 2008 - Despite the rough start to the year, Semico forecasts 2008 NAND revenues will increase 13%, with unit growth of 35%.

RF Integration: Getting It All Together

Phoenix, Arizona June 24, 2008 - The holy grail in wireless ICs is a cost-effective one chip solution. The challenge has been the integration of all digital and analog functions, including RF, on a single SoC. To date, this has only been accomplished for relatively low-power, short-range networks. As the range increases, the amount of transmission power required also increases, requiring separate RF power components (Power Amplifiers, RF Switches and RF Filters). This determines the level of integration that can be achieved.