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Press Releases

Semico: Executive Briefs - The 3 C’s: Computing, Consumer and Communication

Phoenix, Arizona October 18, 2007 - When reviewing the end-user market segments, the computing segment is the largest segment representing 60% of total worldwide semiconductor revenues. Computing, one of the 3 C’s, will grow to approximately $614 Billion in 2011. “While Computing is the largest segment, the Consumer segment, another one of the 3 C’s, will have the highest growth rate. The semiconductor content found in the consumer end-user market segments are forecasted to grow over 26% in 2007 versus last year.

Nineteen Electronics Industry Leaders Join Forces to Accelerate SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) Innovation Into Broad Markets

SOI Industry Consortium Aims to Reduce Costs, Reach New Markets

BOSTON, MA October 8, 2007 - A group of leading companies throughout the electronics industry today announced the launching of the SOI Industry Consortium, aimed at accelerating silicon-on-insulator (SOI) innovation into broad markets by promoting the benefits of SOI technology and reducing the barriers to adoption.

Semico: DRAM or NAND – iPhone or Vista – The Balancing Act

Phoenix, Arizona September 21, 2007 - After a close analysis of recent industry events and reports, one item above all grabs attention. DRAM manufacturing capacity has clearly exceeded OEM demand. Quarter-to-quarter bit growth has grown at approximately 20% for the past two quarters - mostly on the strength of the 512M. As a point of reference, if DRAM capacity remains exactly flat with no increase in capacity for the remainder of 2007, DRAM bit growth will still achieve highest growth rate in 7 years.

Semico: Opportunities Abound in the Structured ASIC Market

Phoenix, Arizona April 19, 2007 - The emerging Structured ASIC segment breathed new life into an ailing overall ASIC market. Structured ASICs allow previous users who have left overall ASIC market to once again contemplate using a Structured ASIC solution for their application.

SOI, A Long Road to an Overnight Success

Silicon on Insulator Market Analysis & Forecast

Phoenix, Arizona April 15, 2007 - Silicon on Insulator (SOI) began as a material for niche markets but has gained considerable attention and traction because of its technology benefits driving product market penetration. This resulted in an excess of 100% growth of SOI wafer demand in 2006 compared to the SOI wafers used in 2005.

Semico: NAND Flash Market: How Low Will Prices Go?

Phoenix, Arizona April 5, 2007 - The NAND flash memory market continues to be one of varying market dynamics. In 2006 NAND revenues grew only 9%, down sharply from the double and triple-digit percent increases of previous years. On the positive side, gigabyte shipments continue to increase at the fastest rates in the history of the semiconductor industry, growing at a rate of 217% in 2006. Annual gigabyte growth is projected to continue at 102% CAGR from 2006 to 2011.

Semico: MCU Memory Trends: How Much and What Kind

Microcontroller Market Analysis & Forecast

Phoenix, Arizona March 28, 2007 - The Microcontroller (MCU) market showed a slight recovery in 2006, growing 3.0% to reach $12.4 billion. This dollar growth was driven by the 32-bit and greater segment. Overall unit growth of MCUs was 19.5%.


Phoenix, Arizona February 26, 2007 - Chia Song Hwee, president and CEO of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Dr. Kwangpyuk “K.P.” Suh, executive vice president, Systems LSI Technology Development at Samsung, will jointly present “Customer-focused Collaboration to Address Unprecedented Design and Manufacturing Challenges” during the upcoming Semico Summit.

Semico and INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors Demystify NAND Market

Two Key Research Firms Demystify NAND Dynamics in Report

Phoenix, Arizona August 6, 2006 - Investors and other businesspeople looking to tap into the skyrocketing flash memories market encounter a steep learning curve. What's driving all this growth? Who are the players and how do they stack up? How is intellectual property used to control competition? What distinguishes NAND from NOR? Is flash threatened by other technologies?

NAND Prices Stable-Growth Ahead: Second Quarter 2006 Pricing & Forecast

First-Quarter Price Collapse a Mere Bump in the Road!

Phoenix, Arizona July 28, 2006 - After a phenomenal first-quarter price collapse, the NAND market is preparing itself to break all revenue records in 2006. That's the finding in Semico Research Corporation's newly-released NAND forecast. Even though prices plummeted over 50% in the first quarter, this market's stunning growth will allow it not only to meet 2005's amazing $11 billion in sales, but will support a full 44% growth to record-breaking revenues of over $16 billion.