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Join IP Industry Leaders at the May 16 Semico IMPACT Conference

Phoenix, Arizona March 14, 2012 - From IP providers to foundries to end customers, the entire IP ecosystem will be represented at the May 16, 2012 Semico IMPACT Conference. We are proud to announce participation from ARM, Sonics, Synopsys, Cadence, Analog Bits, Mentor Graphics, TSMC, Tabula, Atrenta, and Memoir Systems. Register today to ensure you don't miss this event!

ASIC Design Starts: Communications Dominate but Smart Grid and Transportation Growing Faster

Phoenix, Arizona March 6, 2012 - The ASIC design start landscape has seen dramatic changes as end market demand rose and fell due to the financial meltdown in 2008, recovery in 2009 and 2010 and more uncertainty due to natural disasters and financial market fluctuations in 2011. Rising consumer spending for mobile and portable electronic devices helped mitigate some of the impact of these fluctuations on the ASIC design start landscape. Another result of this tumult is the repartitioning of the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) market into three categories instead of the traditional two categories.

May 16th: Focus on the IP Ecosystem

Phoenix, Arizona March 1, 2012 - In the past, much of the limelight has been given to semiconductor process technology and development. While process technology advancements continue at a blistering pace, other challenges have bubbled to the surface. The ability for chip and system designers to fully utilize the ever increasing number of available transistors has become an arduous task. Pressures to have the product designed on schedule and within budget have created enormous challenges.

3D Packaging is Coming; Are You Ready?

Jim Feldhan to Deliver BiTS 2012 Keynote Address Phoenix, Arizona Februay 29, 2012 - As ICs become more complicated and push the technology roadmap, system performance and chip-to-chip interaction is becoming a limiting factor. The result is that test and packaging issues are coming to the forefront at semiconductor manufacturers around the world. 2.5D and 3D packages offer great advantages, yet there are still technical issues to overcome.

The Time Has Come For MEMS Oscillators

Phoenix, Arizona February 21, 2012 - The MEMS oscillator market is still at a nascent stage. It represents less than one percent of the total timing market of $6.3 billion. Nevertheless, the potential growth of MEMS oscillators continues to attract more vendors. There are currently nine vendors shipping MEMS oscillators. Two more have announced they will start shipping later in 2012. More are expected to jump into this market.

Warren East, CEO of ARM, to Keynote at Semico IP Conference

Phoenix, Arizona February 15, 2012 - Semico is proud to announce Warren East, CEO of ARM Holdings, will deliver the keynote address on May 16th, 2012 at the Semico IMPACT Conference: Focus on the IP Ecosystem. ARM is the world's leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property with over 20 billion ARM-based chips shipped to date. In a year when semiconductor revenues were flat, ARM's revenues increased 24% in FY2011 to $785 million. Warren East will open Semico's IP conference providing his vision of what this industry needs to continue on a path of innovation and success.

New Tech Charging Up the Mobile Battery Market

Phoenix, Arizona January 24, 2012 - Battery life has always been a limiting issue when it comes to mobile electronics. Over the past two decades consumers have consistently complained about usable time with their smart phones, notebooks, etc. Ten years ago the introduction of Li-ion (lithium ion) batteries made a marked improvement in battery life; however, the same complaint continues to plague the mobile electronics industry.

Semico IMPACT Conference: Who Wins in the IP Ecosystem?

Phoenix, Arizona January 31, 2012 - SoC designers today are faced with a whole range of issues and questions that must be dealt with before they reach a final silicon solution. The pursuit of a successful resolution to these questions and issues is becoming ever more difficult. In classic fashion, a vibrant ecosystem has grown up around the SoC design community in an effort to provide solutions and answers to SoC designers. The importance of the ecosystem grows with every passing year and process node.

36% of Fabs in High-Risk Zones: Semico Releases Semiconductor Updated Fab Database

Phoenix, Arizona January 17, 2012 - Semiconductor revenues were flat in 2011 as the industry dealt with numerous challenges. These changes have impacted the status of semiconductor fabs worldwide: capacity, capex, wafer size, closures, launches, production ramps, technology node migration, and employee count.

SAVE THE DATE: May 16, 2012 -- Semico IMPACT Conference Series: The IP Ecosystem

Phoenix, Arizona January 5, 2012 - Semico is accepting speaking applications for our upcoming conference focusing on the IP industry. Semiconductor IP is a crucial component in the design and development of complex integrated circuits, especially SoCs. This one-day event will focus on the benefits of third-party IP and issues that are enabling or hindering the growth of semiconductor IP.