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System(s)-on-a-Chip: A Braver New World III

SKU: SC102-09

The SoC market grew at just a 5.5% rate in 2008, much lower than historical trends due to the slowing of the worldwide economy. In fact, 2009 will see the SoC exhibit negative growth for the first time since the SoC design methodology became a market, declining 19.1%. 2010 will see a return to growth with a modest 9.5% increase.

This report tracks the SoC market by both revenues and unit shipments for many different types of SoC including Performance SoC, Value SoC, Programmable SoC, Platform SoC, Slice SoC and System on a Programmable Chip and provides definitions for each type of product. In addition the market is further segmented by end application and by region. Also, the report provides data and forecasts on the ASSP market, the Standard Cell market, the FPGA market, the Gate Array market and the Customer Owned Tooling (COT) market.

The report also gives insight into many of the major trends happening in the SoC market today such as the growing use of ‘Megablocks’ and ‘Sub-Systems’ in SoC design and the impacts of this new type of design approach has on the market. The report also explores the trend towards emplacing multiple System(s)-on-a-Chip and the implications for changes in design activities and how the end market will be impacted.

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