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System-on-a-Chip: Market Analysis and Methodology

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System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is a method of creating silicon solutions that delivers highly integrated chips for the ASIC markets. Designs with very high complexity are regularly accomplished using this approach.  Revenue for this market will grow from $227.9 billion in 2022 to $250 billion by 2027, a CAGR of 5.6%.  In addition, over the next five years, higher revenues will continue to be driven by the following factors:

  • Many of the off-the-shelf ‘catalog’ parts found in the product portfolios of large IDMs are using SoC design methodology.
  • Connectivity in mobile devices has pushed silicon designers to use the SoC approach and 3rd Party IP blocks.
  • Both wired and wireless solutions use the SoC methodology to meet changing market requirements.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications have allowed older markets to be reinvigorated with new silicon solutions centered around sensors, connectivity and big data, producing a surge of new SoC designs.
  • Advances in SoC performance allow the incorporation of some artificial intelligence features into smartphones, automobiles, and smart speakers, adding to demand.
  • Embedded vision capability in industrial applications is enabled through IoT solutions and aids the implementation of autonomous driving in the automotive sector.

Semico Research's new report, System-on-a-Chip: Market Analysis and Methodology, is an extensive analysis of the trends and drivers in the SoC market.  The report includes a Word document and an accompanying Excel spreadsheet, and it contains 11 tables and 51 figures in 71 pages.
Other data contained in the report:

  • Analysis of historic trends that have come together to create the SoC market and a view towards how the future will evolve
  • Expanded hard definition of SoC silicon to include AI features and functionality
  • Hard definitions for each of six different SoC product types
  • Actual revenues for 2016-2022 and forecasts for 2023-2027 for all SoC product types
  • Regional revenue and unit volume market share for North America, Europe, Japan, China and Asia Pacific
  • Unit shipments 2000-2027 by application category: Computer, Consumer, Communications, Automotive, Industrial and Military
  • ASSP market revenue and unit volumes for 2015-2022 and forecasts for 2023-2027
Table of Contents: 

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