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Semico MEMS and Sensor Database Report Update: Focus on Biometrics

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Passwords are so passe these days.  They have been proven to be unreliable and hackable.  For protecting today’s electronics, the latest technology is biometrics, the measurement of both physiological and behavioral human characteristics.  Biometrics can be used for both identification (scanning a crowd for a face) or authentication (confirming that the user is who they say they are).  Apple’s introduction of Touch ID, based on its acquisition of Authentec, ushered in fingerprint recognition on smartphones.  New fingerprint sensor technology in the form of ultrasonic sensors will be the next generation.  The latest new biometric technology to hit smartphones is iris recognition, which is supposed to be more secure than fingerprint technology, but is slow to work.  Biometrics are enabled by a variety of different sensors, including fingerprint, IR, image, microphone, motion detector, pressure, and more. 

Semico’s latest report, Semico MEMS and Sensor Database Report Update:  Focus on Biometrics, includes coverage of the biometrics market and highlights companies to watch.  The report includes an Excel workbook tracking sensors and MEMS, covering over 260 companies and 33 different product types.  Each company’s sensor/MEMS product type is listed with the target markets identified by that company.  Twenty different target markets are represented in this document, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, robots, and various automotive and medical segments.  

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