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Semico: Executive Briefs - The 3 C’s: Computing, Consumer and Communication

Phoenix, Arizona October 18, 2007 - When reviewing the end-user market segments, the computing segment is the largest segment representing 60% of total worldwide semiconductor revenues. Computing, one of the 3 C’s, will grow to approximately $614 Billion in 2011. “While Computing is the largest segment, the Consumer segment, another one of the 3 C’s, will have the highest growth rate. The semiconductor content found in the consumer end-user market segments are forecasted to grow over 26% in 2007 versus last year. Over time, the consumer segment continues to show consistent growth and will achieve a CAGR of 10.6% through 2011,” says Jim Feldhan, President of Semico Research Corporation.

Semico’s latest report, “Executive Briefs,” analyzes 28 end-user market segments within computing, consumer and communication applications. For each end market, a 5 year forecast of units, revenues and average selling price is presented, along with the semiconductor content. Top OEMs, geographic production, quarterly changes, wafer demand by process technology node and key issues are covered.

Feldhan comments that, “The Executive Briefs is rich in data. For example, the report shows that within the communication segment, sales of High-End Cell Phones will surpass Mid-Range Cell Phones in 2010. However, Wi-Max Base Stations will have the highest annual compounded growth rate at 175% and will become a larger segment than the Basic Cell Phone segment in 2011.”

Another example illustrated in this report is the huge growth of Portable Multimedia Players (PMP). PMPs will grow from a virtual unknown category a few years ago to become the second largest consumer segment in terms of revenue in 2011 behind only Integrated DTVs. For these Portable Multimedia Players state of the art process node wafer demand grows at 75% between 2008 and 2011.

The full “Executive Briefs” report, containing all 3 C’s sections with 116 graphs and 115 tables of data is available for immediate delivery for $10,000. Alternately, one of the 3 C’s sections, Computing, Consumer or Communications, can be purchased separately for $3,995. To purchase, please contact Susan Cadel at 607-368-7600 or, and reference report MPEB-2-07 – Executive Briefs.

About Semico
Technology manufacturers, vendors, service providers, technology professionals and market specialists worldwide utilize Semico’s experienced staff and in-depth research to support critical business, product and technology decisions. Semico’s vision is derived from both a deep technology understanding and comprehensive research, which examines each segment of the supply chain for each market. Regular and ongoing end-user demand and primary research surveys are the foundation of the analysis, enabling Semico to provide insightful market analysis and guidance on future market opportunities.

Semico is a strategic partner with leading technology companies, with access to an extensive worldwide electronic network, technology databases and expert personnel. Semico was founded in 1994 by a group of semiconductor industry experts and has offices in Phoenix, California, New York, Japan and Taiwan.

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