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Pico Projectors Make Inroads in Smart Phones

Phoenix, Arizona August 2, 2012 - An exciting new feature for smart phones will enable people to share content in a new way. Recently Samsung announced it had begun shipping the Galaxy Beam projector phone in the United Kingdom. Samsung employs Texas Instruments' DLP® Pico™ projector technology. It offers 15 Lumens and can project images up to 6 feet away. You can see images up to 50 inches in size on any surface. The long lasting 2,000 mAh battery supports up to 3 hours of continuous play.

"The addition of a pico projector to an already powerful phone opens up more innovation for content and applications," said Tony Massimini, Chief of Technology at Semico Research.

TI's DLP® Pico™ projector technology is a scaled down version of its long time DLP micro-mirrors that has been used in DTV for almost two decades. Semico Research has examined the market for MEMS display technology. In its report, "MEMS Displays: Projecting a Direct View of the Market" (Report Number MP102-12), Semico takes a close look at various MEMS display technologies and the applications that will drive growth. Semico has projected that MEMS pico projectors will see high growth in embedded solutions such as smart phones. The recent announcement by Samsung and TI supports this view.

Who are the key players and technologies for optical MEMS? Who are some of the emerging players? What advantages do MEMS offer in projection and display? What will drive adoption of MEMS for projection and display?

Semico examines the key end use markets for MEMS in projection and display. The size and growth rates of end use markets and the MEMS penetration rates are presented. The unit and sales TAMs of MEMS for projection and display are shown.

The report is 37 pages and includes 11 tables and 27 figures and is available for immediate distribution. Contact us at or 602-997-0337 for details.

About Semico
We are a semiconductor marketing & consulting research company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Semico was founded in 1994 by a group of semiconductor industry experts. We have improved the validity of semiconductor product forecasts via technology roadmaps in end-use markets. Semico offers custom consulting, portfolio packages, individual market research studies and premier industry conferences.

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