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Netbook PCs: A New Platform Battleground

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Netbooks are a new emerging category of Personal Computers. There have been several efforts over the years for a low-cost and compact mobile PC. The introduction of the Intel Atom microprocessor in 2008 spurred the growth of netbooks, reaching 12.5 million units in 2008.
The key feature for a netbook is that it is designed primarily for web browsing and emailing. Thus, wireless connectivity to the Internet is necessary. Low-power consumption, compact design and light weight are essential.
The success of Atom based netbooks has spurred interest in competing designs. Via Technologies has been shipping its 80x86 compatible Nano. Several companies have ARM-based designs that hit the market or are expected to launch in 2009. The processor vendors for these netbooks include Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Freescale, and Qualcomm. There are two battles shaping up. One is among the chip vendors – x86 vs ARM. The other is the operating system – Microsoft vs Linux.
This latest report from Semico Research, “Netbook PCs: A New Platform Battleground”, examines the usage models and market drivers for this emerging market. What are “smartbooks?” What are the market and technology trends? What has been the impact of netbooks on the MPU market? Learn more about the competition among both chip vendors and operating systems for netbooks, such as Windows and Android.

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