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IMPACT Conference Keynotes: Advanced Chip Packaging, Simulation-Driven Product Design

Engineers and product designers face more challenges than ever before in bringing successful products to market.  The advent of the IoT requires more features and mobility in new products.  At the IMPACT Conference Boards, Chips and Packaging: Designing to Maximize Results, industry executives will highlight ways to solve these challenges.  From Ansys, Margaret Schmitt will deliver a presentation titled "Getting the full picture: Optimizing products from component to system."  Intel Fellow Robert Sankman will present "Packaging Directions for High-Performance Silicon Chips."  Be sure to register today to secure your seat - there are only two weeks left before the event!

Getting the full picture:  Optimizing products from component to system
Margaret Schmitt, Ansys
Abstract:  With the rise of the IoT, autonomous vehicles, and "smart" devices, engineers are faced with new design challenges at a time when connectivity, performance, power efficiency and achieving first-time success is more critical than ever.  To enable the "Internet of Smart, Connected Things", engineers need to innovate rapidly to incorporate antennas, sensors, and new features into complex systems while avoiding design pitfalls impacting performance and compliance.  At the same time, extremely short development cycles are driving engineers to innovate on their products with very little prototyping and collaboration across teams.  Simulation plays a key role in helping engineers drive innovation, enabling complete virtual prototypes of complex systems to be validated across all physics and engineering disciplines. ANSYS will discuss design challenges at the chip, package, and system level, and how simulation-driven product development can help engineers rapidly innovate new products.

Packaging Directions for High-Performance Silicon Chips
Robert Sankman, Intel
Abstract:  Chip packaging for advanced node silicon has been heavily influenced by the rapid growth in mobile electronics. While flipchip interconnects are the choice for high performance silicon in both mobile and traditional computing devices, the packaging form factors and demands vary significantly by the market segment being targeted. Key package types, targeted usages, and enabling considerations will be discussed along with prospects for the future.

Register today to reserve your seat at Boards, Chips and Packaging:  Designing to Maximize Results.  This Semico IMPACT Conference will provide a lineup of thought-provoking keynotes and enlightening panels.  If you are a board designer, system architect, an SoC designer or an ASIC design manager, plan to attend this event on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at the Computer History Museum (1401 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California 94043).
What:  Semico IMPACT 2015
When:  October 13, 2015
Where:  Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California 94043
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