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Executive Briefs: Always Connected Society Drives Growth

Phoenix, Arizona August 2, 2011 - Semico Research has recently released 2 parts of our 33 part series called the Executive Briefs. These briefs each include 4 data-rich pages filled with tables and figures including:

• Table: Forecast by Units, Revenues, and ASPs
• Table: Semiconductor Content
• Table: Geographic Production
• Figure: 2011 Semiconductor Content % of Total
• Figure: Semiconductor Dollar and Unit TAMs in Millions
• Figure: Quarterly Geographic Change
• Figure: Semiconductor Wafer Demand by Process Node

These 2 briefs are for the Cable Modem and xDSL Modem markets. In particular, these reports delve into the various regional purchasing trends and future semiconductor development.

An excerpt of the Cable Modem Brief:
"Adoption of Cable Modems in recent years has been on an upswing due to the addition of VoIP enabled embedded multimedia terminal adapters (E-MTAs), which are driving the growth in this industry and now are in over 50% of this market. Historically, adoption was hampered by technological alternatives and cable line capability, and this will continue to be a problem in developing worlds that are going to mobile access.

The deals available to consumers are also an issue in this market. Cable modem providers attempt to package their modem along with cable television, while DSL is packaged with phone lines. With the increasing popularity of VoIP, consumers will also be looking at cable modems for their main phone lines."

For those charged with analyzing data and the consequential decision making for semiconductor companies up and down the supply chain, you need to know where the growth will be in the future rather than dwelling on "the good ol' days." The Executive Briefs are the perfect way to analyze these markets because they follow a similar format to all our MAP Model reports, including a top-down analysis starting with the market forecast from 2011 to 2015, regional production forecast, semiconductor content forecast, revenue and unit TAM, top OEMs, and Wafer Demand.

Look for the next Executive Brief release that will include Portable Multimedia Players and MP3 Players.

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