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Digital Home: Next Killer Market

Phoenix, Arizona September 9, 2004

The Digital Home

The proliferation of digital data has created the need to bridge data and consumer networks – the evolution of the digital home. The industry is constantly on the lookout for the next killer application. But times have changed - there will not just be one killer application. Instead, we view the digital home as the next killer market!

Although there are already devices that bridge devices, in some ways, the digital home is just a concept. Today, there are a number of different approaches to bridge digital devices, ranging from a PC-centric approach to a media center or server. While all the different methods can be confusing, one thing’s for certain - tomorrow’s solution will be much more sophisticated, and transparent to the user. Semico expects the digital home to develop in the next few years. In the meantime, the 2005 opportunities are in the semiconductor content of these digital consumer end-use applications – set top boxes, digital cameras, HDTVs, etc. Although the consumer market is expected to cool in 2005 compared to the last 2 years, 2006 and 2007 will be booming again.

Wireless Communications

Wireless has been the buzzword for the last few years. Wi-Fi technology has evolved and is quickly becoming a mainstream product. Now we’re in the next stage –new wireless technologies are coming. And with that, come new applications and many opportunities.

The proliferation of digital consumer devices, along with a growing market for high performance consumer devices, like HDTV and digital camcorders, has created new demands. We’re entering into a new generation of wireless devices, and there will be a demand for high-speed, high-reliability wireless communications. Manufacturers will be making products with speed enhancements to existing 802.11 standards, and designing products with new technologies such as Ultra Wideband (UWB) in order to remain competitive. If the market for first generation devices was any indication, there will be high stakes and good opportunities in this market.

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