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ASIC Design Starts By Key Applications Revisited II

SKU: SC104-09

This report looks at the ASIC Design Start universe by 66 end applications broken down by the major SIA categories of Computer, Communications, Consumer, Transportation and Industrial. The design starts for each end application are further broken down by the specific ASIC product type by year for 2007 – 2012. In addition, this breakdown is given for the unit shipments for each end application.

Within the ASIC category this study looks at design starts for: Analog, Mixed Signal, Performance and Value SoC (System on a Chip), PLD, FPGA, Gate Array and Structured ASIC. This report is 123 pages in length with 134 tables and 69 charts.

The report provides a good perspective on how the ASIC landscape is changing by end application in response to changing market conditions. It is recommended that report SC105-09 also be considered since this report provides several metrics by which to gauge the current state of the market such as design starts by gate count, by process geometry, by region and by device type.

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