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2014 Semiconductor Revenues will Increase over 7%, Says Semico Research

Every month, Semico looks at a variety of factors in the market to forecast out the semiconductor market.  And once a quarter, Semico provides an in-depth look at the market, giving detailed forecasts for Discretes, Analog, Optoelectronics, Memory, Etc.  

This year, the market is continuing the transition from computing to mobile, which shifting the market down the supply chain.  Semico has been documenting the shifting monthly semiconductor revenues and trends so we can continue to provide the most accurate forecasts in the industry.  As a part of our analysis, we've found April to have had one of the best revenue months since 1997, reaffirming our YoY forecast of over 7% for 2014.  

As the semiconductor industry broadens its reach from computing to mobile communications and the Internet of Things, the range of technologies to deliver just the right silicon solution also broadens.  Technologies like FinFETs and FD-SOI, which Semico analysts discussed in our last IPI are enabling the wide-ranging solutions for each unique application.

But, this changing market isn't just affecting silicon solutions.  On the mobile side, DDR4 is coming to Intel Haswell-based servers in the second half of 2014.  Graphic DRAM sales are high due to the launch of new game consoles in 2014.  On the mobile side, mid-range and low-end smartphones are taking off in popularity, and at the same time are increasing memory content.

In the January 2014 issue of the Semico IPI Report, Semico foresaw a strong resurgence for video game consoles.  This is bearing out for two of the three major players.  At the end of 2013 there was stronger than expected sales activity for video game consoles.  The video game console market had been in a slump for the previous few years.  All three major platforms had made significant changes to their platforms.  

Semico has discussed all of these topics in our recent IPI articles, which are released at the end of every month.  Our top-down/bottom-up method of analyzing the market along with the added benefit of every Semico analyst contributing to these short reports have made the IPI our most popular offering.  

Do you have a subscription?  Give us a call for a free issue and see what you've been missing.  

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