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August 2019

ASIC Design Starts 2019: New Applications and AI Become Market Drivers

Many of the traditional end-use applications are experiencing slower design start growth rates due to maturing markets and high design costs.  The unit volumes associated with all applications remain healthy, exhibiting an 8.5% CAGR through 2023. However, removing the unit shipments attached to the new, emerging applications drops the CAGR to only 4.3% through 2023.

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ASIC Design Starts for 2019 by Key End Market Applications

Semico Research's new report, Design Starts for 2019 by Key End Market Applications, SC106-19, offers a comprehensive analysis of the ASIC design start landscape today and into the future.  It provides excellent data for product planning, marketing and sales activities at fabless semiconductor companies, 3rd Party IP vendors and major OEMs and IDMs.  The report includes:

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