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May 2011

Dual Paths Down the Cost Curve: Scaling and 3D

Joe Sawicki, VP and GM of the Design-to-Silicon Division for Mentor Graphics, joined us at the Semico Summit on Tuesday to discuss scaling and the conversion to 3D.  He focused on a motto of “Willful Optimism” for the future.

Moore’s Law has been a cornerstone of our industry for 40 years, and a trend the speakers at the 2011 Summit were discussing was “More than Moore,” an idea that we are moving away from density to integration.  Joe Sawicki addressed this idea by discussing how scaling can only get us so far with advancing our speed and storage capabilities.  By 2026, he said, if we hold to Moore’s Law, we’ll be holding half a year’s movie collection on our phone.

In the future, Mentor Graphics believes we may be seeing the “e-Cube,” where we’ll have cubes of semiconductors instead of a die.

In discussing transitioning to 3D, there are cost and thermal issues, regardless of the advantages.  As a stepping stone, the industry can obtain many of the advantages of 3D by using 2.5D, a cost effective method to swing into the next generation.

Dean Kamen Issues Call to Action to Semiconductor Industry at Semico Summit 2011

Phoenix, Arizona May 2, 2011 - Dean Kamen, inventor and founder of DEKA and First, delivered the keynote address at the Semico Summit 2011. He also received Semico’s Bellwether Award, granted annually to a visionary leader in the technology industry. Dean has invented the insulin pump, a portable dialysis machine, the iBot mobility system, the Segway people mover, a prosthetic arm for DARPA, and a self-contained water cleaning and purification system, among other things.