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Digital Cameras: Semiconductors Get the Picture

Phoenix, Arizona February 17, 2005 - Digital cameras are an attractive, rapidly growing semiconductor end-use market. What are the opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers in this market? How can a semiconductor company get a piece of that market? Semico Research Corp. study MP117-05, “Digital Cameras: Semiconductors Get the Picture,” addresses those questions. This study provides digital camera forecasts by market segment, a typical digital camera BOM, semiconductor ASP forecasts, semiconductor TAM by device type and a wafer demand forecast.

Semico's IPI Rises, Recovery to Begin in September

Phoenix, Arizona February 14, 2005 - Semico’s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) rose sharply this month, indicating market recovery could occur late in 3Q05. The December IPI reading of 15.56 was up 10.0% from the November IPI of 14.14. This was the greatest percentage increase in five and a half years, when the June 1998 IPI increased by 19.6%.

Semico Releases 4Q04 SRAM Study

Phoenix, Arizona February 10, 2005 - Semico Research Corp’s latest 4Q04 SRAM report shows a record year in terms of unit shipments. One would think the revenue would be pouring in but the truth is manufacturers made a lot less money this year. The aggregate ASP dropped in excess of 50% since 2000 when it was $5.31 and in 2004 it was a mere $2.45. The primary reason is that Pseudo SRAM (PSRAM) has made a big dent in the SRAM market.

Semico Predicts Slow Year for DRAM in 2005

Phoenix, Arizona February 9, 2005 - Semico Research Corp’s latest 4Q04 DRAM report shows 3Q04 revenue was up a mere 1.2 percent over second quarter; however, it was up 53 percent compared to the same quarter in 2003. The Semico forecast was on the mark; grow more than 56 percent in 2004 with DRAM revenue totaling $26.8 billion.

Semico's IPI Points to Weakness in 3Q05

Semico forecasts both the U.S. economy and the worldwide semiconductor industry will experience a slowdown in 2005.

Phoenix, Arizona January 17, 2005 - Semico’s Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) showed a dramatic dip this month, indicating an increased risk of weakness in the 3Q05. The November IPI reading of 14.23 was down 5.8% from the October IPI of 15.12. This was the largest percentage drop in over three years, when the August 2001 IPI fell 8.0%.

Semico Reiterates 2004 Forecast

Semico says 3Q05 will be weaker than originally expected according to the latest reading of the Semico Inflection Point Indicator

Semico Announces Keynote For Upcoming Summit

Phoenix, Arizona December 15, 2004 - Semico says 8th Annual Summit will be the event of the year boasting high-level speakers who have demonstrated vision, leadership and a track record of success

Semico Announces Upcoming Nanotechnology Conference

Semico says nanotechnology will cast major impact on success in the semiconductor industry over the next ten years.

Semico Forecasts Slowdown in 2005

Semico Research’s outlook for 2004 and 2005 is the classic good news/bad news scenario.

Phoenix, Arizona September 16, 2004 - The Phoenix-based semiconductor market research company sees 2004 on course to finish the year with a stellar growth rate of 31 percent, or $218.7 billion.

Digital Home: Next Killer Market

Phoenix, Arizona September 9, 2004

The Digital Home

The proliferation of digital data has created the need to bridge data and consumer networks – the evolution of the digital home. The industry is constantly on the lookout for the next killer application. But times have changed - there will not just be one killer application. Instead, we view the digital home as the next killer market!