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Silicon Wafer Demand to Grow 7.4% by 2020, says Semico Research

Silicon wafers are the basic building block for the semiconductors used for the smallest sensor in a light bulb to the most advanced electronic system in the space shuttle.  It all starts from semiconductor grade polysilicon and is processed precisely to fit the needs of each application.  One of the main concerns is whether existing silicon wafer manufacturers can adequately supply 200mm and 300mm wafers to support expected demand from IoT-related devices.  There are only a handful of wafer manufacturers in the industry today.  New research from Semico, Semiconductor Wafers:  State of the Market, reports that there is increasing concern over the supply chain’s ability to provide enough polysilicon and the resulting wafers needed for the growing wafer demand over the next five years.  Wafer demand is expected to achieve a 7.4% CAGR over the next five years.
“Semico continues to get questions related to the industry’s ability to maintain an adequate supply of both 200mm and 300mm wafers,” says Joanne Itow, Managing Director Manufacturing for Semico Research. “Additional capital investment to finance polysilicon and wafer capacity is not a welcome prospect.” Semico looks into the polysilicon supply for both the semiconductor and the solar industries as well as the impact of wafer demand growth on the existing silicon wafer manufacturers.
Semico Research's report, Semiconductor Wafers:  State of the Market, study number MA106-16, provides an analysis of the changing market landscape and the players involved.  It includes a review of the wafer demand situation today, the current suppliers of wafers and the outlook for their products. 
Other data contained in the report:

  • Wafer demand by product (memory, logic, discrete/opto/sensor)
  • Wafer demand by wafer size
  • Silicon wafer shipments and revenues
  • Profiles of the major wafer manufacturers
  • Top wafer manufacturers market share
  • Companies mentioned in the report include:  Shin-Etsu Handotai (SEH), SUMCO, SunEdison, Siltronic, LG Siltron, Soitec, GlobalWafers, Okmetic

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