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Penetration of Worldwide Connected Vehicles to hit 92% by 2020, says Semico Research

Automotive electronics are a bright light for the semiconductor industry, and expectations for additional electronic applications in vehicles are high. The semiconductor industry is betting on the growth of key components in vehicles. There are a lot of innovative ideas within the automotive industry in several different areas. Cars and trucks are connecting to the cloud and to other vehicles. Cars will communicate with each other using short- and long-range communication chips. A recent research report from Semico Research, Automotive Semiconductors: Accelerating in the Fast Lane, forecasts that the penetration rate for worldwide connected vehicles will grow to 92% by 2020
"Many manufacturers are incorporating 4G and eventually 5G connectivity into their vehicles," says Jim Feldhan, President of Semico Research. "Audi claims to have been the first to include connectivity in 2013. Most GM vehicles are connected via OnStar. It is a standard feature in most luxury models and an option in others. Many of the lower-end cars use a smartphone and its data plan to be connected."
Key findings in the report include:

  • A fully autonomous vehicle (L5) is expected to require 74GB DRAM and 1TB NAND memory.
  • Powertrain requires the highest compute function and carries the highest ASP.
  • Revenue generated from processors in Autonomous Driving Systems will reach $422 million in 2018.
  • The Royalty TAM for Automotive IP will grow to $2.34 billion by 2023.

In its recent report, Automotive Semiconductors: Accelerating in the Fast Lane (MP118-18), Semico Research provides a comprehensive review of the current market and future opportunities for the semiconductor industry in the automotive segment. Topics covered in the report include Automotive Trends, Opportunities and Challenges, Manufacturing Technology for Auto ICs, Automotive Forecast, and Semiconductor IP in Automotive. The report is 56 pages long and includes 28 tables and 34 figures.

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