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Automotive Semiconductors: Accelerating in the Fast Lane

SKU: MP118-18

Automotive electronics is one of the bright lights for the industry, as smartphone growth slows and personal computing growth continues to decline. The expectation is that automotive electronics will become the next big technology market driver.  The automotive semiconductor market will exceed the overall industry growth as semiconductor content expands with added features and functionality.  The desire to put self-driving vehicles on the road is creating increased interest in innovative automotive solutions as well as increased semiconductor demand.  A new research report from Semico Research, Automotive Semiconductors:  Accelerating in the Fast Lane, states that the Automotive segment of the semiconductor industry will grow to $73 billion by 2023.

In its recent report “Automotive Semiconductors:  Accelerating in the Fast Lane"  (MP118-18), Semico Research provides a comprehensive review of the current market and future opportunities for the semiconductor industry in the automotive segment.  Topics covered in the report include Automotive Trends, Opportunities and Challenges, Manufacturing Technology for Auto ICs, Automotive Forecast, and Semiconductor IP in Automotive.  The report is 56 pages long and includes 28 tables and 34 figures.


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