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IPI Report

The IPI is Semico’s most popular report series that accurately predicts semiconductor revenue inflection points four quarters in advance.  This is one of the best ways to stay up to date on semiconductor trends as each article seeks to discuss how current trends will affect the market over the next year along with detailed forecasts.  

The IPI Report is designed around the chart below, which has a proven track record of forecasting these inflection points.

Black Arrows: The IPI turned up in January 2006. Four quarters later, in February 2007, semiconductor sales turned up.

Red Arrows: The IPI turned down in October 2007. Semiconductor sales began a disastrous downturn four quarters later in October 2008.

The light blue, dark blue and orange arrows show similar four quarter predictions for in-flection points in semiconductor sales. Most recently, the IPI was the only predictor warning of the slowdown in the 2nd half of 2011 twelve months before it occurred!

The monthly IPI Report includes excerpts from recent Semico studies and the Semico Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Forecast. Report sections discuss future trends in the supply chain.  If you need to stay up to date on semiconductor trends, we highly recommend you give us a call for a free copy so you can see how this monthly report will complement your other research.

Each quarter the IPI Report includes Semico’s Worldwide Semiconductor Forecast and device detail (Units, Dollars and ASPs): Microprocessor Microcontroller DSP MOS Logic Bipolar DRAM NAND Analog Discretes Optoelectronics.  Subscribe Now by Contacting Jim Feldhan by emailing him or calling 602-997-0337