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Drive-by-Wire Throttle: Look Ma, No Cable

SKU: MP103-09

Semiconductor revenue from automotive drive-by-wire throttle applications will increase more than four and a half times from 2008 through 2013. The number of passenger cars with ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) will increase from one million in 2008 to six and a half million in 2013. This growth is certain because ETC provides overwhelming benefits. It continuously modulates the throttle opening in response to engine control and road condition inputs to provide smoother, more responsive, more powerful engine operation with better fuel economy. In twelve tables and four charts, this eleven page study provides five-year forecasts for automotive shipments and ETCs as well as five-year semiconductor forecasts for BOMs, unit shipments, revenues and ASPs. The drive-by-wire study is one of a series of automotive studies published to help companies increase semiconductor revenue by identifying opportunities emerging automotive applications.

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