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Blu-ray Beat HD-DVD. Now Can it Beat DVD?

Phoenix, Arizona September 28, 2010 - The recession of 2008 and 2009 impacted the entire semiconductor industry, including a relatively new market for chips: Blu-ray Players. A fledgling technology that had just defeated the HD-DVD format in 2008, Blu-ray had a difficult time gaining traction in its early years due to limited Blu-ray disc content and a high ASP compared to DVD Players. Recently, Blu-ray's luck has started to turn around. Blu-ray discs are selling better than ever, internet movie downloads are starting to flatten, and over 290 million DTVs are expected to sell in 2014. All that HD content is looking at Blu-ray as its player of choice. Semico's latest report, Players & Recorders: The Blu-ray Argument looks at the current trends influencing Blu-ray players and recorders as well as DVD players and recorders. This report has a five-year forecast that includes unit shipments, revenue shipments and ASPs. In addition to a production-orientated regional forecast, this report discusses an industry-average block diagram, bill of materials, semiconductor content, total available market, and 200mm wafer demand. Players & Recorders: The Blu-ray Argument is loaded with valuable data and is available for purchase this week. Also available is its sister report, Digital Television: To 2D or 3D? For additional information or to purchase either of these reports, please contact us at or 602-997-0337. About Semico We are a semiconductor marketing & consulting research company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Semico was founded in 1994 by a group of semiconductor industry experts. We have improved the validity of semiconductor product forecasts via technology roadmaps in end-use markets. Semico offers custom consulting, portfolio packages, individual market research studies and premier industry conferences.