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May 2019

Semico Wafer Demand: Q1 2019 Highlights

The Wafer Demand Summary and Assumptions is a quarterly publication. It includes an excel spreadsheet with annual wafer demand by product by technology from 2010-2023. Product categories include DRAM, SRAM, NAND, NOR, Other Non-volatile, MPU, MCU, DSP, Computing MOS Logic, Communications MOS Logic, Consumer MOS Logic, Automotive MOS Logic, Other MOS Logic, Programmable Logic, Standard Cell, Gate Array, Analog, Discrete, Optoelectronics, Sensors and Digital Bipolar.

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Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Next Generation of Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is anticipated to be the next big market driver that will create new or additional semiconductor demand for a wide spectrum of semiconductor devices.  We believe that AI will be integrated in devices from the cloud to factories, homes, offices and vehicles.  The application must accommodate mobile and IoT products.  The second publication in Semico’s series of AI-related reports and presentations, this report addresses two large markets for AI:  the smart home and the automotive markets.  Fifteen smart home end-point devices, as well as 15 automotive systems are

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