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ASIC Design Starts in Transportation to Increase by 7.1% in 2016, Says Semico Research

Increasing numbers of IoT solutions, adds to the growth in new design starts.  Certain applications, such as those associated with automotive, are expected to follow a higher growth curve over the next few years.  In addition to all the infotainment accessories and electric vehicle demands that have already been added to vehicles, the vision of autonomous driving brings a need for safety, connectivity and more accurate sensing capabilities.  Silicon designs targeted at automotive applications show rapidly increasing levels of complexity in response to end user demands for more connectivity and the ability to use that connectivity.  A new Semico Research Report, ASIC Design Starts: Automotive on a Fast Track, states that this will drive ASIC design starts in transportation to increase by 7.1% in 2016 and 6.5% CAGR over the next five years.   

"The drive towards offering increased connectivity options to end users in many market segments, and the need to correspondingly increase the computational resources in support of the more robust connectivity options, is pushing device complexity levels to new heights," said Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal Analyst.  "Although, slower growth in the traditional markets will act to moderate the overall design start growth rate over the forecast period, the innovations in automotive, communication and consumer markets continue to grow above the industry average."
New research findings include:
  • Advanced Performance Multicore SoCs gate count will increase at a CAGR of 17.6% through 2020.
  • 1st time SoC design efforts will increase at a 5.4% rate in 2016
  • North America will retain the majority of design starts over the forecast period, but Asia Pacific will pass Europe for  second place
  • FPGA Unit Shipments will increase 16.8% in 2016
Other research findings look at regional breakouts by device type, design complexity by device type and end use category and process geometry by device type.
The new report,  ASIC Design Starts: Automotive on a Fast Track, SC107-16, April 2016, contains comprehensive data regarding the current and future ASIC design start landscape.  The report is 91 pages with 61 tables and 67 charts covering the following key metrics:
End market applications:
ASIC product types analyzed by design starts with unit shipments for:
            *Analog and Mixed Signal
            *Three SoC types
            *FPGAs and PLDs
             *Gate Array and Structured ASIC
Design Starts for the nine ASIC Product types by:
            *Process Geometry
            *Design Complexity
Two years of history (2014 -2015) and a 5-year forecast (2016 - 2020)

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