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Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Next Generation of Processors

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality has emerged into the semiconductor market with many companies participating at all levels of the semiconductor, software, services and IP industries offering a variety of products. The emergence of the AI market represents the 'next big thing' for both the semiconductor industry as well as the overall economy. Deployment has already started in factory floor environments delivering better control and maintenance over a multitude of industrial processes and products. The net effect is better quality control, lower costs, better product reliability and more innovation in the process of creating the products themselves. Semico Research's new Tech Brief,  Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Next Generation of Processors, explores the possibilities and the potential market changes this new application provides moving forward.

Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Next Generation of Processors provides an analytical view of the current and potential impact of AI on the semiconductor market. Semico believes that AI will be integrated in devices from the cloud to factories, homes, offices and vehicles. The application must accommodate mobile and IoT products. This report is the first in Semico's series of AI-related reports and presentations that are expected to be released in the coming year.

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