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2009 Semiconductor Capex: Are We Headed for a Shortage?

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In 2009, capital spending is down 35% from 2008. Semico expects spending to rebound significantly in 2010 as projects that have been on hold get the green light. A beneficiary of this increased spending will be the 200mm used equipment market, which will see higher demand coming from this recovery.

“We’re halfway through the third quarter, and we’ve already seen increased capex projections from a number of companies,” stated Adrienne Downey, Director of Technology Research. “Despite this turnaround, we think it may not be enough to prevent spot shortages in 2010.”

Semico Research has just released a new report titled, 2009 Semiconductor Capex: Are We Headed for a Shortage? This timely report addresses the consequences of the severe cutbacks in capital spending seen over the past year and a half in the semiconductor industry. Economic conditions are improving, but will manufacturers be able to keep up when demand peaks?

At twenty pages long, this report contains 10 tables and 7 figures. This study includes market shares for 2007-2008, capital spending trends for 2008-2010, top 20 semiconductor vendors’ capex, top foundries’ capex, a look at new fabs that are being built, and what is needed as wafer demand recovers.

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